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Since forming in 2006, The Host has become a staple of the Hard Rock scene in Cincinnati, Ohio. What started out as a labor of love for the four-piece has become an outright obsession.

"The need to write and perform outweighs anything else in our lives, and we work hard to ensure that everything we do has a special quality to it," says Host singer, Chris Charlton.

Drawing on a full spectrum of musical influences, The Host's overall sound lies around the edges of bands like Muse, Failure and The Mars Volta. Their unique style and unusual songwriting methods offer a more stream-of-conscious feel that stretches beyond the boundaries of modern Alternative Rock. Exotic verses and powerful choruses are supported by a solid framework of hooks that sink in and don't let go.

Following the release of their first two EPs; 2007's "Receive" and 2008's "Transmit", word-of-mouth for The Host has spread rapidly. Intense live shows and radio airplay, (including a variety of internet podcasts), have only fueled their fire. Receiving a nomination for the 2007 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards in the category of Best Hard Rock Band, and forging their way to Regional Semi-Finals of the Nationwide Bodog Battle of the Bands has enabled The Host to establish further recognition with a growing audience in the past year.

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