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There are three bands under the name The Hookers:

1. Hardcore punk from Lexington, KY formed in 1994.
2. Short lived pre-Murder City Devils band from Seattle, WA.
3. Girl group formed by Prince in 1981 with his assistant Jamie Shoop on lead vocals, before evolving into Vanity 6.

First:Hail Satan! The Hookers are now banned from all clubs in Lexington. Started playing in the summer of 1994 in Kentucky, the band released their first 7” on Smut E Records in the spring of 1996. The Hookers have released singles and comps on Sack-O-Shit, Black Lung, Crypt, Repent, Man’s Ruin and Reservation. The Hookers are true obscure horror and Black Sabbath fanatics. Firstly they were named Fayette County Hookers.

The Rock & Roll Outlaw (vocals) was changed after watching Paul Naschy’s “Werewolf VS The Vampire Woman” 26 times straight through. This fact would explain the sudden shift from the “Rock & Roll, Baby” of their 1st 7”, to the “Satan Satan, Baby” image of today. Stoney Tombs (guitar) states that any comparisons to being a punk AC/DC is fine.

With the thunder of Blue Cheer, the speed of Motorhead, and the teachings of Anton Lavey, The Hookers come barreling at you like a locomtive ride to hell. If you like your metal good & gory make a date with The Hookers. Join Thor, The Hookers, and into glory we will ride!

(Ripped straight from Scooch Pooch)


LINE-UP #3 (last):
Thomas A. Foolery III: bass
The Blizzard Of Hoz: guitar
The Weedian: drums
Stoney Tombs: lead guitar
The Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaw: vocals

Adam Neal: vocals
Noel Reucroft: guitar
Pat Smith: bass
Paul: drums

Adam Neal: vocals
Noel Reucroft: guitar
Pat Smith: bass
Johnny: drums

Second:The Hookers from Seattle are a Rock n’ Roll Band that after six months and a small line up change, became The Murder City Devils. They recorded one Self Titled LP.

Spencer Moody - Vocals
Dann Gallucci - Guitar
Andrea Zollo - Drums
Derek Fudesco - Bass
Brandon Angle - Organ

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