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There are two groups that go by the name Honeymoon Killers: 1) a Belgian new wave/post-punk band, and 2) an American garage punk band from New York.

1) The Honymoon Killers are an eclectic rock group from Belgium, released an album (1981-83) said to be classic, famous and sometimes epochal - Les Tueurs De La Lune De Miel (bandname in French). This group was tightly connected with very important Belgian music act - Aksak Maboul.
Group members:
Yvon Vromman (group leader, died in 1989)
Gerald Fenerberg
Jean-Francois Jones Jacob
Marc Hollander (Aksak Maboul)
Veronique Vincent
Vincent Kenis (Aksak Maboul)
Label: Crammed Records

2) The Honeymoon Killers is a New York four-piece formed in the early 1980s. Firmly rooted in the aesthetics of the splatter drive-in, where badness is just the starting point. The fake voodoo music, recorded in "four track horror fidelity," is abrasive and primitive — like The Cramps with less-commercial instincts and an even sicker sense of humor. Led by guitarist Jerry Teel and bassist Lisa Wells, the Killers went through a hefty number of personnel shifts (including John Spencer and Christina Martinez of Pussy Galore and Boss Hog).


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