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We are The Hollow Earth Theory. A five piece metal band from the West-Midlands, in the United Kingdom! www.myspace.com/thehollowearththeory www.alveusterra.com/shop


Finally, a UK band to give the likes of Killswitch Engage and Trivium a run for their money. The Best New Metal Band In Britain!" Metal Hammer

"Brilliant and balanced metal. Soaring solos, epic guitar lines with as much growl as melodic singing; as much aggressive chugging as harmonious riffing; as… read more

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  • Underrated.
  • I enjoy Nathan-era SS, which is how I came to find this band...but holy crow this is so good! Sort of wish he stuck with this, getting this band big would've been awesome.
  • Nathan was better with this band than with Sonic. [3]
  • Nathan was better with this band then with Sonic [2]
  • I agree with previous comment ! (:
  • No, it's NOT metalcore. It has too much influences of other genres to be metalcore. It's poppy as hell, it has rap-tendencies, it has those stupid piano samples, taken straight from a Linkin Park album, it has Limp Bizkit riffs, Nickelback choruses. It's not metalcore. It's alternative. And yes, just because it's clean, doesn't mean it's soft... well it certainly is softer than growls, but it can still be metal. Hell, metal was cleans vocals ONLY in the 70's and most of the 80's... What makes it soft is the way it's excecuted. The way they're performed, and in WRTN, they're excecuted in a way that makes it soft. Mutiny Within is pretty damn soft too. Not the softest, but still not NEARLY the heaviest. Once you listen to bands like Bloodbath, you'll see...
  • Once again I don't agree. It's not Alternative or Nu Metal - it's metalcore plain and simple and that is metal, whatever you say, it is. The vocals don't determine whether it is soft or not. For example - Mutiny Within aren't the softest band around (sure, they aren't super-heavy either) but it's 90% clean vocals. Miles Apart is a confusing one for me because some of it sounds like The Calling. I like The Calling so it's not a bad thing as such but I'm certainly surprised you like it.
  • Nathan was better with this band then with Sonic
  • You're right. Being mellow and mid-tempo does not equal soft, but when it's mostly cleans and the screams are confined to the background, and the songs have no punch, THAT equals soft. And no, they're not metal. Not real metal anyway. Alternative and Nu Metal does not count as real metal. To me, Miles Apart is the only good song, besides the bonus tracks, Break of Day and the title track.

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