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  • Avatar for cometbus
    dig it
  • Avatar for MIIIERDA-
  • Avatar for smid04
    Super high quality music, especially Freefloater. Analogue sound at its best, imho.
  • Avatar for RainSpiritCM
    So much time ago...
  • Avatar for XSTM
    New mix by Higher Intelligence Agency -
  • Avatar for pauljinks
    Look ma! top HIA listener! wow
  • Avatar for Omega_Switch22B
    Ketamine Entity is one of the most mind-bending electronic of the 90s... and I don't say that lightly.
  • Avatar for Nomat3rz
    Hack the Panet!
  • Avatar for kalawnik
    I loved Freefloater in 1995, and will love it for ever. Thank them so much!
  • Avatar for Orange-1
    Fantastic Music!:-)
  • Avatar for MentallyDead
    These guys are just great !
  • Avatar for LGS
  • Avatar for dp263
    does anybody know _why_ they have not released anything in the past ten years?
  • Avatar for german_in_la
  • Avatar for Godo9
    Yaay We are the top listeners :D
  • Avatar for Qalfzx
    fruity bubblegum
  • Avatar for thispyshogue
    We dig this!
  • Avatar for dseireparamaum
  • Avatar for triode38
    90's British Electonic is the best.
  • Avatar for liamto7
    shit is so fucking ace
  • Avatar for nad5273
    HIA has just delivered awesome music down on Earth. I so wish they were still producing music pieces. HIA folks, if you read this, i would praise new material !
  • Avatar for wondabhoy
    lines in the sand...
  • Avatar for FloodSpectre
    @forcefeedswede Ever seen the covers for the albums? They say THE right on 'em.
  • Avatar for FloodSpectre
    Damn, a lot of mistagged stuff for HIA (and especially for their collaborations) here...
  • Avatar for earfolds
    I'm really enjoying this
  • Avatar for pauljinks
  • Avatar for dp263
    HIA are awesome ... also the collaboration with pete namlook. "begend" on "S.H.A.D.O. 2" is fantastic, eg...
  • Avatar for dwlx
    @forcefeedswede: agreed.
  • Avatar for forcefeedswede
    Lose the 'The' on the name. .
  • Avatar for skuyla
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  • Avatar for skuyla
    Hello my vanguardist friends! I have cool ideas for all of u, take a look nice and interesting photography and visual culture references, in video, music, cinema, digital art, etc ::) have fun!
  • Avatar for OCCID
    great life background soundscapes
  • Avatar for MagnaZero
    Colourform is an awesome album.
  • Avatar for FakePoppies
    i think i'm in love
  • Avatar for Pablo-747
    Look ma! top HIA listener! wow.
  • Avatar for trancing
    then check out also Colourform artist. ;)
  • Avatar for jinglefae
    I have the Colourform album. Exquisite.
  • Avatar for jinglefae
    Love these guys. :)
  • Avatar for affraad
    much love :)
  • Avatar for mgamal
    Sound fresh since 1992
  • Avatar for Omega_Switch22B
    Freeloater is an amazing album indeed. Has an old-school ambient techno/dub sound yet it doesn't sound anywhere near as dated as such earlier ambient techno/dub albums.
  • Avatar for rxylab
    Freefloater is an amazing album. Really does stand the test of time. 12 years on and still sounds fresh.
  • Avatar for electrohound
    Ha! I love ting as well as pinkgreen and the whole freefloater album, an underrated masterpiece.
  • Avatar for Doorchaser
    The same here i kinda missed the bleepy intelligent techno they made!!
  • Avatar for Pablo-747
    rediscovering HIA after 10 years... sounding better than ever!
  • Avatar for sonicbenj
    big ups HIA. awesome stuff! ;)

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