• The Head and The Heart/Iron and Wine - June 8, 2011, First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

    12 Jun 2011, 02:10 by clivestaples2

    Wed 8 Jun – Iron & Wine, The Head And The Heart

    Going into the concert, my excitement about which band I wanted to see most was split evenly. The trusted veterans I've been listening to for a few years and the upstart young act that I've been listening to for just a few months (but listening to more than any other new album) had me equally excited. As soon as The Head and the Heart started into Cats and Dogs, my first thought was that I liked hearing them so loud. The album is impeccable, but the energy of the live instruments made the group incredible. They showed what it meant to make all six members of a band earn their keep, and being crowded to one side of the large stage added to the charm of their set. The two male vocalists split duties between songs, although all three singers were present for backups and harmonies. There was a chunk of the set that consisted of three new songs in a row which were all fantastic, including a slow one about "grandfather's charms…
  • Iron & Wine and The Head and the Heart (not finished, too tired)

    10 Jun 2011, 09:16 by Sraaah_

    So my friend won tickets to this show off Twitter (we both were trying to win) and she brought me. I am so very glad she decided to bring me (besides the fact that I told her about the giveaway, haha) because this show was EXCELLENT!
    The opening band was The Head and the Heart, I had never heard of them before... So I checked out a song or two a month ago because I thought it'd be a good idea since I would be seeing them perform live. I think I listened to Lost In My Mind plus something else and I thought "Okay, this band seems pretty decent". But boy, they were more than decent, they were superb! My friend and I were really close to the stage for their set. The final song that they played.. I think it was Rivers and Roads (not 100% on that though) and the violinst/vocalist Charity was BELTING it! Previous to that she was singing a little too quietly for half of the songs (I know the band uses tons of harmony, but you could barely hear her singing). …