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  • Avatar for Nomadfyllan
    This is one shitty album.
  • Avatar for Rubberbandman16
    I'm really loving the title track
  • Avatar for ABHORRANCE666
    Who else is doing thrashy and fast? Alt & Groove metal is all the rage now, from anything Swedish (especially In Flames, ick), to Lamb of God -- or technical death metal. Kreator, Exodus, and Testament are still thrashing. There are a million commercial radio rock bands playing music like this (Dolving sounds like the dude form Creed half the time). The Haunted had a gift for modern thrash that wasn't crappy. If I wanted to hear Nickelback, I'd listen to them instead. For any band making a radical change, it makes more sense to start a side project. The Haunted expanded into new textures on The Dead Eye, which turned out pretty awesome. Yet they retained enough of their thrash roots to not make it such a change, to sound like a different band. And Versus isn't a bad album, but it sounded kind of lazily written and like they were losing interest.
  • Avatar for OptimusDan
    When everybody was doing "Alternative and Groove Metal" this guys do the most intense Thrash Metal.. now when everybody is doing Thrash and Fast music this guys got the big balls to do this album with a new exploration of music that nobody was doing at the time.
  • Avatar for efilgnikcufecin
    The sound of the album reminds me of [artist]Head Control System[/artist]
  • Avatar for MadmaNau
    This album is a great, and so refreshing. I love that they are exploring their music - the last thing I want is for them to get trapped into a genre (looking at you Slayer) just because the fanboys demand it. Fantastic album, I applaud you The Haunted.
  • Avatar for ABHORRANCE666
    I have been a huge fan of The Haunted since the first album. The Dead Eye and Versus took some serious getting used to before enjoying them. This album is just awful. I can hear some cool riff ideas through terrible production quality. And Peter Dolving Nickelback-esque vocals just make me cringe. This album bummed me out so bad, that I didn't bother going to see them on tour in fear of hearing a set list dominated by the new album. Its better to burn up than to fade away.
  • Avatar for psikodelias
    Is not that I care what media says, but I am a big fan of this band, I rather so much more with Marco as vocalist, and I love the new sound that comes with Peter, but honestly this last album let me down so much, like I said, is not what the media says, If they want to become mainstream they will get it with this album, too alternative for my taste.
  • Avatar for tothevultures
    Most musical media gave this album such negative reviews. Just another reason to stop reading reviews, this album is awesome. [2]
  • Avatar for Dyomaeth
    Most musical media gave this album such negative reviews. Just another reason to stop reading reviews, this album is awesome.

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