• My CD Collection

    7 Feb 2012, 18:28 by JakIsDead

    I think of CD collections as being an incredibly personal thing; even more so than your library, because it's a collection of everything that you've grown up with. There are a lot of artists in my collection that I haven't listened to in seven or eight years, but I really can't stand to part with a CD, so they will forever remain part of my collection and part of my history.

    This is by no means a summary of everything I own; I love buying CDs but these days I have fallen to purchasing online a significant amount, either out of convenience or necessity.

    Abigail Williams - In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns
    The Acacia Strain - Continent
    After the Burial - Rareform
    Aiden - Nightmare Anatomy
    Aiden - Conviction
    All Shall Perish - The Price Of Existence
    Animals as Leaders - Animals As Leaders
    Arch Enemy - Stigmata
    Arch Enemy - Wages of Sin
    Arch Enemy - Doomsday Machine
    Arch Enemy - Rise of the Tyrant
    Army of the Pharaohs - Ritual Of Battle
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  • My CD Collection (14.05.2012)

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  • My Top 100 Favorite Albums Of All Time

    1 Feb 2011, 01:16 by My_Sharona

    100.x.The Black Album.x.Last but not least... Though I loved this album to death rarely listen to Metallica anymore and I really should. I want Nothing Else Matters played at my wedding. Best ballad ever!.x.
    99.x.La Sexorcisto Devil Music.x.Wish this band would get back together so I could see them live. After hearing Thunder Kiss 65' I was hooked.. and still am. They'd be higher but I don't listen to the cd enough.x.
    98.x.Don't Say No.x.Classic album! In The Dark, The Stroke, Lonely Is The Night... The list goes on. Every song is great to listen too.x.
    97.x.Because of the Times.x.Sounds different then their earlier stuff, but the lyrics are still amazing. I really enjoy evey song on this album equally.x.
    96.x.Temple of the Dog.x.One of the best albums I've ever listened too..And though I've known about it aawhile now. I wish I knew about it sooner so it could have gotten more plays. Chris Cornell delivers too good in this album.x.
  • 2000 - 2009: My Favourite Albums of the Last Ten Years

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  • Music in 2008

    3 Jan 2009, 16:19 by ontheupside

    2008 led to many important discoveries for me. The majority and most important of which are as follows, in no particular order.

    Bands: -
    Public Enemy
    Strapping Young Lad
    Devin Townsend
    The Haunted
    At the Gates
    Catherine (the 1990's alternative band)
    Dr. Dre
    One Day as a Lion
    Judas Priest

    Albums: -
    The Downward Spiral
    Light Into Dark: A Chicago Music Compilation #1
    Tenacious D - The Complete Masterworks 2 DVD

    Gigs: -
    The Smashing Pumpkins; Hordern Pavilion, March 27.
    Angus & Julia Stone; Newcastle City Hall, June 19

    Releases from 2008 that I actually liked and listen to...

    One Day as a Lion

    In my opinion the best release of 2008, and just a damn good record, period. This brief number really brings Zack back into his element with a new twist on a familiar style. His lyrics are as thought-provoking as ever and his flow is BETTER than ever. VERY much looking forward to the upcoming LP!

  • The Haunted 2008.11.17 @ Shibuya O-EAST

    17 Nov 2008, 16:16 by emicom

    Mon 17 Nov – The Haunted, Cocobat

    The Hauntedを観に渋谷に行ってまいりました。

    Cocobat 】19:00 - 19:30
    バックドロップは、既にThe Hauntedのもの。黒地の上部にTHE HAUNTED、その下にrEVORVErのジャケットの人物のようなのが手を広げていたような。

    The Haunted】 20:00 - 20:30
    セットチェンジの間にかかる曲は、なんとBlack Metal。それもSatyriconとかがかかる。安定感のあるデス声が続く。そこで思わず、リズムに乗っちゃって頭揺らしそうになる。しかし周りは乗ってないので少し自重。

    ドラムのPer Möller JensenとギターのAnders Björler(たぶん)は黒地に白模様のメタルTシャツ、他は黒無地のTシャツかシャツ。

    ボーカルのPeter Dolvingは、歌が上手い。またステージの上をあちこち動き回り、しゃがんだり、ジャンプしたり、ステージの前に乗り出したり、身振りも両手を広げるポーズをよくしたり、手を上に上げメロイックサインしたり、手拍子を促したり、自分が何かに跳ね飛ばされる振りや、、ドラム台の端に座って歌ったり、ゴルフのショットをするかのようなしぐさ、左手で何かの形を作って、指をそのまま口に入れたり、何かにつまずくような振りで倒れこんで歌いだしたりと、パントマイムみたいな動きもするし、とにかく良く動くし、観ていて飽きない。 10代の若者のように連続ジャンプもしてた。

    ギターのPatrik Jensenも下手で指をさしたり手を上げたりして観客をよく煽る。途中、ボーカルがドラム台に行ったときには、ギター3人が並んで演奏しててカッコイイ。Jonas Björlerは、中央のボーカルと上手のAnders Björlerの間にいて、兄弟本当に良く似てる。
    ドラムは、最後のHate Songの途中でドラムスティックの不具合からか、一本放り出していた。

  • rEVOLVEr - The Haunted

    5 Nov 2008, 12:30 by ontheupside

    I was listening to some anonymous jazz band on the local uni station, 2NUR, a couple of nights back. And thoroughly enjoying myself. There was a groove in the music that instantly hooked me in, and it was easy to sway along to it and just tap my feet and tap my hands on the steering wheel for a good half hour.

    The band was not a famous one, and the song was one of their own creation. It was a sound I could instantly label as "jazz" because it fit the definition, as the cliché goes, like a textbook example. It wasn't innovative in the sense that it pushed the genre to a new limit, but it was very impressive that something so catchy could be milked out of a style that has been performed by thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of musicians in virtually every way conceivable (to date); and be performed so well.

    It was practically flawless, without also being that special kind of groundbreaking music that warrants rave reviews.

  • Top 10 Albums

    26 Jan 2008, 17:11 by Blaatz0r

    These are the albums I really, really like (ya rly!). Some of them are already in my collection, others are yet to be added (they aren't cheap, you know =\)...

    I guess you don't care shit about this information, but it's meant as a reminder for myself. Feel free to comment/suggest some albums! ^^

    1. System of a Down - Toxicity - Some damn nice tracks on this album.. I don't know what it is, I just can't get enough of this :)
    2. In Flames - Reroute to Remain Clayman - Great melodeath, 'nuff said.
    3. The Haunted - The Dead Eye - I discovered this album only recently. Until then I thought Revolver was a great album, but The Dead Eye is ten times better.
    4. Amon Amarth - With Oden On Our Side - awesome viking metal, much better than Fate of Norns, with a lot of good tracks!
    (Asator, With Oden on Our Side, Valhall Awaits Me)
    5. Linkin Park - Meteora - Yes, it's nu-metal, I know, but this album is so trvv.
    6. Rammstein - Reise, Reise - German industrial metal, you gotta love it. …