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There is more than one artist with this name:
1) The Hangovers is a satiric band from israel

Currently line-up:


2) The Hangovers is Polish rock/southern band formed in 2007.
The band, formed in Poznań, Poland, initially consisted of Rafał “Rufu” Zaremba, Grzegorz Gałęziewski, Wojciech “Gawron” Gawroński, Dominik and Wojciech Górny. The initial line up didn’t last for long. Dominik left the band or was fired to be replaced by Marcin “Menel” Nowak.

The band’s biggest hit is Man.
They’re on tour for all the time of their life’s.

Currently line-up:

Rufu - guitar
Grzechu - guitar
Gawron - Drums
Menel - bass guitar
Górny - vocals

2) The Hangovers were also a British band fronted by Gina Birch, previously one of the founding members of The Raincoats. Their debut album, Slow Dirty Tears, was released in the U.S. in March 1998. The band lineup for that album included Ida Akesson (keyboards, sampling), Joe Dilworth (drums), John Frenett (bass), Phil Legg (keyboards), and Simon Fisher-Turner (guitar, keyboards). Mary Deigan later replaced Frenett on bass, with Dave Barbarossa joining on drums. They did not release another album and Birch has been focusing on solo projects.

3) The Hangovers is also a subset of the all-male Cornell University Glee Club, and one of the longest-running a cappella groups at Cornell. Previously, the a cappella group Cayuga’s Waiters had been a subset of the Glee Club, but the “Waiters” disassociated themselves from the more formal vocal ensemble in 1956. Then, a group of Glee Clubbers formed the Sherwoods; but this subset lasted only two years before becoming independent of the Glee Club in 1958.

At this time, a group of fifth-year men - “hangovers” in Cornell slang - in the Glee Club formed a new a cappella subset, the Hangovers. They remain in more or less constant competition with the Waiters to this day for the honor of most popular a cappella group, with the “Hangs” generally viewed as more preppy and the Waiters as bigger partiers. Neither group, however, lacks for dates or aspiring auditioners.

4) The Hangovers are a german Alternative Rock Band from Emmendingen, near Freiburg.

5) A three piece Japanese underground indie alternative pop punk band with a bit of garage they have a big part in the underground Japan scene.

6) The Hangovers is polish semi acustic band. They are three musicians from Wrocław plaing also in another band Nation and The Hangovers is their side project. Their style is created by two acoustic guitars, great vocals, electronics and sound of natural articles.
More information on Myspace.
Line up:
Szym - vocal, programming
Hary - acoustic guitar
Rem - acoustic guitar

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