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  • GreyAnthem

    you're so cool it makes me wanna cryyy

    February 2015
  • gummishark

    chasing amy....never will forget this.

    February 2013
  • surajsharma

    thos who don't understand will never understand the understated simplicity of their melodies, this is music for true kids of the 80s and everyone else who finds them boring simply hasn't evolved on the same plane...great band, great music. good times. cheers!

    November 2012
  • ffg

    Any news about whether they plan to record again?

    January 2011
  • TheKeenGuy

    Check out Jeremy Messersmith's album The Reluctant Graveyard. Brian Tighe produced and played on it, and it's definitely RIYL The Hang Ups.

    September 2010
  • mrgil

    One of my favorite artists ever. I hope we will hear more from them.

    February 2010
  • LoveNotMoney

    Yeah!So we go is brilliant to be heard from teenagers but i still enjoy the most.....magical

    October 2009
  • soninho

    I wish I had So We Go back in the 90's when I was a child... :(

    January 2009
  • kratech

    loVE Jump Start!!!

    October 2008
  • Tharik

    I almost couldn't even listen to whole album! So boring...

    July 2008