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    v which one's the ISIS recruit?
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    lol this band = 3 guys + an ISIS recruit
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    Not a fad band as much as people losing interest after a widely circulated break-up. Most don't know about their reformation with Chris Barreto doing vocals now.
  • Avatar for Registeel
    Sadly this band was a fad, no one talks about them anymore. Besides VoM and a few others, Sumerian has so many crap bands signed to their label, this was one of the better bands to say the least. I guess I'll just bump disclosure from time to time in hopes that there will be more material.
  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist This band is carrying on their style pretty well!
  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist
    Please tag them as oriental metal, I want to give them a bit of a bump and it fits their style best.
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    It seems HAARP machine is performing at UK Tech Fest, does anyone know the current lineup?
  • Avatar for knight_88
    'Disclosure' is amazing! They need to make more music together.
  • Avatar for gocomeback
    clean vocals sound like nickelback. nice!
  • Avatar for HavikK
    Fans of BoO, The Faceless, Rings of Saturn, Substructure, The HAARP Machine, Ovid's Withering etc. check out the new full length by [artist]Nexilva[/artist]
  • Avatar for joseburnsred
    Just now checking out Disclosure and its one of the best records iv ever heard. Everything from the vocals to the drums to the guitar riffs are damn near perfect. So disappointed what happened to the band..
  • Avatar for erwin1996pl
    Disclosure better not be their only release. [5]
  • Avatar for cletus77
    Need new stuff
  • Avatar for MargaritaHell
    Prosto ebeyshe
  • Avatar for SamaelOlson
    laptop metal
  • Avatar for AwesomeT
    бля, охуенная группа.
  • Avatar for cletus77
    Everyone who taged this band as Deathcore is an idiot.
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    Disclosure better not be their only release. [4]
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    @BlackGoldReign_ I remember when people stopped cock blocking genre conversations.
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    Playing guitar to this and adding parts alongside added gu zheng via keyboard is the highlight of my music playing so far...absolutely inspiring album
  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist
    Ok, all things considered, Disclosure might end up being one of my all time favorite albums.
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    I love their last release, but the first album is the best. hah
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    очень интересное сочетание восточной и прогрессив музыки
  • Avatar for AlexMetallist
    I just want to see the reasoning for that. Plus, it turns people off.
  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist
    Disclosure better not be their only release. [4]
  • Avatar for BlackGoldReign_
    I remember when people didn't care about genres and just liked stuff because it was good. Who gives a fuck what genre it's listed as or not, they're still fucking amazing.
  • Avatar for Arklem
    Who the fuck listed this as deathcore? [2]
  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist
    Holy fucking hell, this is the best band I've heard use foreign instruments since Myrath! Buying this band next CD purchase, thoroughly blown away.
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  • Avatar for Registeel
    >Also..., there will always be a small minority of "core" bands that experiment, and do something out of the ordinary. I'm not saying that no metalcore bands have breakdowns, there a good handful of them that have breakdowns, which are incorporated in most deathcore, and post-hardcore bands.
  • Avatar for Registeel
    Still wrong in that aspect. "Pantera has breakdowns", maybe so, but taking a groove band and comparing them to deathcore is absurd. This band is obviously not deathcore, you are right on that bullet, however I suggest you learn more about "core" genre's if that's how you compare them to each other.
  • Avatar for AlexMetallist
    @Evisceratorium , Tech-death @Registeel , Pantera has breakdowns, is it core? A band is deathcore when the breaks are used excessively and when there are additional vocal types (screams, cleans etc.) THM has cleans, but bearly utilizes breakdowns, therefore they ain't no core
  • Avatar for Registeel
    "The next step is for someone to tag this as metalcore because they have breakdowns and cleans" this has so much fail written in itself, Deathcore has breakdowns, and almost any type of "core" can have cleans.
  • Avatar for Evisceratorium
    "The next step is for someone to tag this as metalcore because they have breakdowns and cleans" what the fuck else would you call them you badonkadonk
  • Avatar for xVictimOfADownx
    @bradp676 I would be for that too.....but I do happen to enjoy Ever Forthright much more so I think he should stay with Ever Forthright :3. // Disclosure better not be their only release. [4]
  • Avatar for nostalgia-rush
    Disclosure better not be their only release. [3]
  • Avatar for AlexMetallist
    Who the fuck listed this as deathcore? The next step is for someone to tag this as metalcore because they have breakdowns and cleans
  • Avatar for bradp676
    im atleast glad about the vocalist leaving, hes a decent screamer but his singing voice is awful and doesnt suit it, wouldnt mind hearing that chris barretto is the permanent replacement hes got a great singing voice
  • Avatar for Registeel
    "Disclosure better not be their only release. [2]
  • Avatar for sirensfcknmetal
    We released a lyric video for our new single Drone, check it out! If you're into this band, you'll dig it :)
  • Avatar for spideralex90
    Disclosure better not be their only release.
  • Avatar for cletus77
    Any news about The HAARP Machine future ?
  • Avatar for lordarkiss
    yeah Chris Barretto & al Mu'min
  • Avatar for popadomnomnom
    Fuck hearsay. Al Mu'min is pretty much the safest guy on the planet and they killed it live. LOVE these guys!
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  • Avatar for michelleliu91
    cant wait to see them!
  • Avatar for Traubentritt
    Saw them last night with Chris Barretto on vox. Was fan-fuckin-tastic, I sure hope he stays with them.
  • Avatar for cletus77
    v Q4FT
  • Avatar for HenySis
    I never understood people who enjoy artists music (mostly downloaded for free) only to insult them later on for the only reason that they are unable to play a single music note. People, make a better shit, then tell me this is shitty. priks...


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