• The Gun Club - Idiot Waltz

    20 Aug 2005, 07:53 by backwards7

    Idiot Waltz

    The fact that no two obituaries seemed to agree on the cause of his death, says a lot about Jeffrey Lee Pierce. The man was a whirlwind of energy, who threw himself at life, until his body gave out on him.

    The Gun Club’s final album ‘Lucky Jim’ saw the frontman physically and emotionally spent. Still capable of the occasional moment of brilliance, but with his best days behind him. 'Idiot Waltz' documented the end of a relationship, but it felt like the end.

    When Jeffrey sang:

    “It is foolish to be alive
    It was stupid in a foolish time,”

    he sounded like a tired man, writing his own epitaph.

    Strangely, as his lyrical gifts diminished, Jeffrey’s electric guitar playing became more expressive, as if words could no longer carry, nor articulate, the weight of his sadness. The lengthy passages of eloquent blues which ended the song were punctuated by a sobbing noise that he wrung out of the instrument, leaving the guitar sounding like it was full of broken pieces.