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  • Avatar for piccochimusic
    The Grouch & Eligh ft Marty James - Satellites (prod Jamie Vex'd)
  • Avatar for uh_oh_jlm
    Feelin this new album so much more than the last one. So glad to see The Grouch back to his old dope ways. 'Lighthouses' track gives me the best kind of chills <3
  • Avatar for Jeroentje_NL
    'if all was good at home, I wouldn't have grown'
  • Avatar for bEATWEAKer
    I mean duh; Pimp the label, don't let it pimp you. @ biography. Updaet taht ish.
  • Avatar for twc02
    i know you wanna feel #teachmetheway
  • Avatar for DICE1904
    I'm just a simple man...really
  • Avatar for kseyyo
    подскажите название минуса в Never Die
  • Avatar for kwayne16
  • Avatar for lagginswag
    fucken grouch ftw.... met you @ chasers scottsdale, arizona. on the heroes in teh city of dope tour. great set, awesome dude. always will be on top of "the game" on the real
  • Avatar for apoxic
    For anyone listeing to Grouch and not THE Grouch, press the "flag this" button just over the artist image, the rest should be easy to figure out.
  • Avatar for ProfessorElliot
    @chillyspider yeh same it GROUCH without a the
  • Avatar for chillyspider
    plz!plz!plz!!! It's Grouch what I listening to. Not THE Grouch! A f*ckin awesome psyprog/dub musician.
  • Avatar for WastedYouth1
  • Avatar for randysavage3969
  • Avatar for dje3r
  • Avatar for MindLiberation
    I want to listen to Grouch not THE Grouch pl0x >:
  • Avatar for sexypirate
    come on, why doesn't GOOD hip-hop like this get more love? such a travesty.
  • Avatar for ninestraycats
    sick beats, chill flow... good shit.
  • Avatar for twostep73105
    thats living legends
  • Avatar for Bdog6479
    Has anyone heard The Grouch song "White Rabbit" or "Rabbit Hole"
  • Avatar for lagginswag
    im honestly surprised that he doesnt have more listens/ listeners... hes easilyone ofmy favorite mc's
  • Avatar for superspongebob
    new album is blowing my mind his voice reminds me of common
  • Avatar for saintsdontcry
    We blawged about The Grouch here, go check it out and listen to one of his tunes
  • Avatar for darkgnome
    Seriously, don't suggest the correction from Grouch to The Grouch as there are artists making music under Grouch!
  • Avatar for illFigure90
    new album is ill!
  • Avatar for callcollectplz
    "The Dangers Of Online Dating" is so chill... Me likey.
  • Avatar for mindfragment
    saw on your website that you're coming to eugene, or on the 14th, but didn't see it on here. i hope it's true!! would DEFINTELY love to see you play the wow hall.
  • Avatar for erikhals
    Dope. Always like the grouch
  • Avatar for WastedYouth1
    new album is pretty wack based on first listen, let me try again
  • Avatar for Chingy314
    new album is banger! actually all his stuff is dope! Making Perfect Sense <3
  • Avatar for Ninjagaiden86
    I own everything this man has been in, Hes truly an inspiration and go cop his new album please!!! "Three Eyes Off The Time"
  • Avatar for PacsOnWax
    "I love this game"
  • Avatar for kozzy420
    Daddys Home and Whatever I say are dope
  • Avatar for RussellJones
    Whatever I Say ... from the new album .. is .. .soo so so so so so dope.
  • Avatar for far7east8boy
    seen Grouch live in Frisco!!!!PRICELESS......
  • Avatar for darewon
    Makes me proud to be from the Bay.
  • Avatar for chefpjordan
    My favorite emcee on the planet ya'll!!! Keep comin' with it brotha!!
  • Avatar for WastedYouth1
    that might happen to me too
  • Avatar for uh_oh_jlm
    I predict The Grouch will be my top artist by next month...can't get enuff
  • Avatar for kristyyoung
  • Avatar for sexypirate
    I like this pic.
  • Avatar for uh_oh_jlm
    haha he sounds sooooo young on Don't Talk to Me....yet still super dope as usual...
  • Avatar for MexLovin
    good shit.
  • Avatar for climaxx84
    that's right
  • Avatar for Marcus_Sweetser
    Hiphop's Underground Radio:
  • Avatar for SonicExplosion
    props to Grouch for keeping hip-hop alive
  • Avatar for uh_oh_jlm
    Crusader for Justice puts me in such a good mood
  • Avatar for chesbomb
    yeah i've been sleepin on this dude for so long. what honestly got me to start listening to him was seeing him at paid dues this year.
  • Avatar for Namb
    never thought anyone would flow over a Justice track
  • Avatar for golfmade
    Don't mind the troll. Anyways back to the Grouch, ashamed to say I only found out about him by picking up Heroes in the City of Dope. Late to the game but love how he spits it.


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