• tag podejście drugie

    18 Feb 2008, 19:26 by premedytacja

    "Post the top ten bands/artists on your profile, the first song you heard of theirs, the one you fell in love with, and your current favourite."

    1. The White Stripes
    First song: Blue Orchid
    Fell in love with: Screwdriver
    Current favourite: Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine

    2. Primus
    First song: Mr. Krinkle
    Fell in love with: Arnie
    Current favourite: Electric Uncle Sam

    3. Placebo
    First song: The Bitter End
    Fell in love with: Special Needs
    Current favourite: Drink You Pretty

    4. The Greenhornes
    First song: Pattern Skies
    Fell in love with: Shelter Of Your Arms
    Current favourite: There Is An End

    5. Beck
    First song: Girl
    Fell in love with: Nausea
    Current favourite: Get Real Paid

    6. Brendan Benson
    First song: Spit It Out
    Fell in love with: Metarie
    Current favourite: Jet Lag

    7. System of a Down
    First song: Hypnotize
    Fell in love with: Toxicity
    Current favourite: Aerials

    8. Cool Kids Of Death
    First song: Hej chłopcze
    Fell in love with: Znam cię na pamięć
  • Discoveries in discovery-scarce world

    16 Sep 2007, 09:50 by seasfm

    I found out, that living without all that brainwashing media like TV and radio makes hard to do some things like being updated with latest music. Probably, these media sources are the most easy and effective to provide not only a melody, but a hint to find the song in Internet - sometimes, DJ tells the song name, sometimes the group, sometimes the position in the chart and you can easily find this chart as soon as you know radio station. On TV it is much more easier than on radio - in most cases, there are titles. Or finally, radio and TV just repeats the song and you can try to understand words and find the composition by lyrics.

    But hearing a song once or twice, but anyway only occasionaly - hard to identify it. And also, if the song is not in the language you know - for me it's Russian, English and French a little, the task is almost impossible.

    Ok, back to point: another one way to get new music is similar to TV - movies. So last discoveris I've made:
  • its this fucking jesus thing

    15 Apr 2006, 03:03 by dalaimama

    when jesus was born... i got sad and now that jesus is rising from the cross im upset yet again. Yesterday I was running in the morning and Portion for Foxes came on in the shuffle and I had to stop... not just pause but stop for almost thirty seconds all because of that damn line "all the talking leads to touching/and the touching leads to sex"... it made me consider what was going on with things in my life- namely in the department d'amour because, as it reeks of cliched self pity, that is the root to all of my unhappiness. Looking through my itunes playlists (which- out of some odd need to solidify my eccentric creativity- all have very descriptive mood intensive names) I came across one in particular that sparked my interest...

    One day *enter the name of current unrequited love interest here* will realize what he's missing and find me in Paris (this of course relates to my ever evolving fantasy that I will run away to Paris and meet an aging billionaire who will demand that I become his bride immediately. …