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  • Avatar for alexschelldorf
    new album is ace
  • Avatar for FoolmeThrice
    Better than Cursive? Probably not, but maybe. Maybe.
  • Avatar for Audiobinge
    Ted said at the Portland Cursive show that a new Good Life album was written. No Cursive material for a bit but my guess is the recent one off dates were them playing life together for fun. No idea on a release but I assume sometime in Spring or Summer of this year.
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  • Avatar for Audiobinge and Good Life photos from shows this year.
  • Avatar for senseoffenders
    New album is already being recorded and should be released early 2015! They played 2 new songs at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass and that is where Tim announced the new album. It was amazing and I will post some photos soon.
  • Avatar for chrisguild
    would love a new album, one of my most loved bands.
  • Avatar for melkmeintogepi
    I'm torn by these news. Would love new Cursive (last album was sorta naaaaaaaaaa) but new The Good Life would also be excellent. Tim Kasher's better than most people will ever know...
  • Avatar for Audiobinge
    Seattle: Tim said no new songs have been written for Cursive. New Good Life material may be coming soon, maybe mid to late 2014.
  • Avatar for meanmrmustard
    I don't normally do this, but check out my album Drinking of You, extremely inspired by The Good Life:
  • Avatar for akai_android
    Sounds like Boards of Canada for children and metalheads.
  • Avatar for weendril
    i didn't know the word 'bike' was verb
  • Avatar for Audiobinge
    Spoke with Ted from Cursive last night and he said new Good Life may be on the way. Not sure but they're still together, just doing other life things. Stephanie had a baby I think. Tim is living in Chicago with his lady, those types of things.
  • Avatar for gui_x
    look good
  • Avatar for nacht_vogel
    just heard them on great!
  • Avatar for Audiobinge
  • Avatar for Zaxtreme
    Exist again...
  • Avatar for soullessmate
    Help wanted nights has brilliant lyrics. One of my favorite albums of all time and some tragedy has the most well written lyrics among all the songs of this genre.
  • Avatar for melkmeintogepi
    I think Tim Kasher chord progressions and voice and stuff always take a while to get used to but surely aren't awful.
  • Avatar for cataporah
    my life was good right up until i head their music, god awful
  • Avatar for diehappyx33
    I meant to say Moonface. Spencer Krug is in Moonface. And you're right Dan Boeckner is in Handsome Furs. I got mixed up for a minute there, haha.
  • Avatar for meanmrmustard
    Spencer Krug is not in Handsome Furs! The other guy from Wolf Parade, Dan Boeckner, is in Handsome Furs.
  • Avatar for dontsagemebro
    so underrated
  • Avatar for diehappyx33
    @donotlabel I would suggest Wolf Parade and Handsome Furs, other bands with Spencer Krug (since you said you like Sunset Rubdown) and check out Owen. It's a solo project of a dude named Mike Kinsella and it's mostly acoustic music, but the lyrics are absolutely beautiful and touching.
  • Avatar for ImmortalAnn
    не плохо)
  • Avatar for donotlabel
    And for the people labling this as emo- with all due respect, grab a dictionary and look at the definition. Emo is a whole differenr genre on it's own. Emotional lyrics does not make a band emo
  • Avatar for donotlabel
    This is simply brilliant. Kasher is a genius, there is nothing alike. I am into bands such as The Good Life, Sunset Rubdown, Frightened Rabbit, We Were Promised Jetpacks and The Airborne Toxic Event. Does anyone have any recommendations? Would be much appreciated
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  • Avatar for detailsofwar
    Yesterday I listened to O'Rourke's 1:20AM (and all of Black out) for the first time in 4 / 5 years. WOW, is that song (and album) just utterly astonishing. From start to finish, Black Out rocks my soul. But O'Rourke's really just blows me away. fantastic. Tim is the man.
  • Avatar for soullessmate
    What a lyricist <3
  • Avatar for Mr_Tough
    All that sorrow and alcohol weighs hard on her thoughts, so she writes them down. She loves them all.
  • Avatar for lagginswag
    o rourkes 120 am ftw
  • Avatar for awesomefossum
    I reviewed Tim Kasher's solo show in Tempe, AZ last Sunday and took some awesome pictures. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!
  • Avatar for dontsagemebro
    rediscovery is great.
  • Avatar for Debaser987
    Tim Kasher is the most honest lyricist alive. "For The Love Of The Song" is one of the greatest pieces of self reflection I've ever heard.
  • Avatar for Poprocksz
  • Avatar for borntohang
    Yes. Yes. Yes. This is one of those moments when The Good Life is just crashing down on me (the band, not the actual "good life", god forbid). The genius of Tim is not something I can avoid adoring (and why should I?).
  • Avatar for mistahgreevz
    i love how emo this record makes me feel.... it makes me want to emote
  • Avatar for sspoongirll
    Why why why is Needy not on top tracks? Pfft....
  • Avatar for Poprocksz
    This is emo, but oh so real.
  • Avatar for miauw
    Yessssss can't wait
  • Avatar for MrDaniel_UK
  • Avatar for AxlHavok
    Who amped for the new Tim Kasher album next monthhhh?!
  • Avatar for siQk
    Fucking love this band.
  • Avatar for kim_nokiamusic
    Kasher for King.
  • Avatar for bonebybone
    Why is The Good Life tagged as emo?! Yes, Tim Kasher can be pretty damn whiny, but this is not freakin' Dashboard Confessional. Maybe I need brush up on my genre definitions.
  • Avatar for squeela
    good life had a gig at the glasshouse in pomona, CA recently.. i never thought i'd hear them play inmates! my life is complete.
  • Avatar for miasdfghjkl
    my teacher recommended this band to me
  • Avatar for Poprocksz
    What was your set?
  • Avatar for therewasatime
    both chicago shows this weekend were great. wished they played more from novena and black out, butttt....still good.


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