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    @ donald17 : 97% dos links estão quebrados (por isso deixei um recado aqui), mas depois de muita procura consegui.
  • Avatar for pbrchicken
    thx for the warning.. yeah, this name was kinda... taken?
  • Avatar for donald17
    @ lorenalins: Google (:
  • Avatar for lorenalins
    Alguém sabe em que site eu posso fazer o download do disco? :}
  • Avatar for Khrushov
    Oh yeah! This band sounds like a dream of old impotent-hippie!
  • Avatar for winstonpilgrim
    The electro techno outfit is terrible. They should change their name and stop blemishing the original.
  • Avatar for Twin-1-
    ha =]
  • Avatar for marizzz
    Rob Smith was here it makes it a great great band!!!! why does robert is so sexy??? :D
  • Avatar for Markl9
  • Avatar for Alfredeus
    The Glove -- better than Siouxsie and the Banshees AND The Cure? Thoughts?
  • Avatar for skyasakite
    paperback_writR, i agree! and you can sense some banshee-ness as well, thanks to severin. it's just an amazing fusion of sound all around! ;)
  • Avatar for paperback_writR
    You can really hear the Cure's sound seeping through into these songs
  • Avatar for joehill448
    Music theft? im asking people who have bought cds themself and would like to share some with me? thats not music theft, and btw i am fully against downloading music, i would just like to see if this is a band worth getting into. guess i shouldnt ask then cos its 'MUSIC THEFT'!
  • Avatar for JeremyAce4
    Can anyone assist Joe with his music theft?
  • Avatar for xseawitch
    itsMeFabianD, that's because they only got her to sing as Robert Smith wasn't contractually allowed to perform the songs at the time (but his vocals are on the deluxe edition which is really worth getting)
  • Avatar for the_final_sound
    +1 saaaad panda
  • Avatar for ericmanley
    Well, i just downloaded the free track for the glove, thinking it was an awesome track that wasnt released or something, and it was part of the electro techno project, and not some track by the actual "the glove". That makes me a saaaad panda.
  • Avatar for joehill448
    anyone care to send me some of there songs?
  • Avatar for adayinheaven
    A blues in drag is my fave' song from this album! Genius!
  • Avatar for echouno
    Todos tus sentimientos se ponderan a la perdicion.....
  • Avatar for Ladyfafa
    Soooo fantastic
  • Avatar for sigmundfloyd
    In fact it's a brilliant cd.
  • Avatar for JuliaKuiper
    In fact, the whole project was only an act...
  • Avatar for LuxuryStranger
    If you like the Glove you might like Luxury Stranger (who are partly influenced by Rob and Steve's work as the Glove). LS are signed to Major Digital and you can buy their (or rather our) 1st album from HMV -;8;-1;-1;-1&productId=8026732
  • Avatar for Rikwave
    De fato, genialidade esquecida no tempo... mas ainda há aqueles que, quase sem querer lembram e aproveitam.
  • Avatar for huyquepeppers
    ame (L)
  • Avatar for chiado7075
    uffff se solo avessero continuato.. if only they havent stop doing music toghter
  • Avatar for thegubman
    I've the vinyl copy in a box somewhere, purchased in a retro music shop of some type on the Kings Road, London in 1988. Treasured it for years, must dig it out!!
  • Avatar for HumHumXX
    I remember Mr. Alphabet and Relax being the absolute or even the only highlights.
  • Avatar for dimuls
    nice, very nice! a have to get it!
  • Avatar for chamaleonicann
    I love this band but A blues in beautiful
  • Avatar for verabaxter
    Nuevos temas en lastfm, de nuestro próximo CD, "La Tercera Parte de la Noche" Saludos desde Argentina !!
  • Avatar for ianawi
    PS - i also forgot to mention that The Glove is the reason i love electro. smith/severin invented dance music!
  • Avatar for ianawi
    both singers do it well. of course we know who the favorite is, he's mine too. i am so glad they released this stuff. and again with the reissue. we need to lock those boys in an apartment again and force them to mate.. i mean, make music. THE GLOVE IS LOVE
  • Avatar for Teletub
    Very great album ! Japanese song "relax" is the goodest !
  • Avatar for milkinjay
    just recently stumbled upon this...and I'm very glad I did. ;)
  • Avatar for blackfloyd23
    It's too bad that Robert Smith and Steven Severin quit doing drugs with each other. My favorite psychedlic music was made by them.
  • Avatar for Cat-her-ine One mile in the air that's where she lives Her body looks so thin and pink and small
  • Avatar for GiPetraglia
    uh, how can we see the pool result?
  • Avatar for SinnMaschine
    of course...the poll is completely idiotic and unnecessary.
  • Avatar for Our_Lunacy
    if you're really thick, the last bit was sarcasm
  • Avatar for Our_Lunacy
    the poll is completely useless, there might be reason if Robert was the lead singer, but he's not, If for some idiotic reason someone wants to merge it with the Cure then they should also realise that it could just as easily be merged with Siouxsie and the Banshees. Or maybe you should merge the Banshees album Hyeana with The Cure cause Robert is on lead guitar, cause that totally makes sense
  • Avatar for egonspengler222
    Why is there a poll about the 'correct name?' It's The Glove. It's NOT The Cure, but a side project. Are Gorillaz and Blur the same band?
  • Avatar for stricnina
    I prefer the version in Robert Smith vocals
  • Avatar for MuffinGuro
    I just bought the album.I LOVE IT. (deluxe edition) I'm sooooooooo happy I found it.
  • Avatar for akeripper
    blue sunshine feels like some veird cousin of the top and for those that are into that its a hit in solar plexus
  • Avatar for SinnMaschine
    oh yes...but when I think of Mouth to Mouth I always feel like I have something on my chest... that song is probably one of my favourite songs and will be till the day I die ... I want it played on my funeral whahaha :D Landrays voice is irreplaceable, angel-like, so full of emotions. She was then-girlfriend of Severin's bandmate Budgie (Siouxsie &tB) :D ! thnx Sharka anyway for trying :)
  • Avatar for shark-a
    mouth to mouth is soooo sweet. but i love the whole album. i have no idea who jeanette landaray is, but she seems totally awesome...sorry sinnmaschine, no help with the lyrics...good luck though :)
  • Avatar for SinnMaschine
    hey ppl! does anybody have And all around us... lyrics? it is mission impossible to find them on the net
  • Avatar for Baja-Bongo
    hey all :)


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