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  • Avatar for RosyPsanda
  • Avatar for RosyPsanda
    Waiting for new album.
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  • Avatar for RosyPsanda
  • Avatar for rettside
    The Glitch Mob ≠ Glitch-Hop
  • Avatar for rcarloschavez
    Could be this considered Cyberpunk-ish sound?
  • Avatar for RosyPsanda
    Já disse que amo esses caras?
  • Avatar for franjkmetal
    Not IDM [2]
  • Avatar for StTaned
  • Avatar for jug_84
    I love you guys more and more every day! Yeah the latest album is "different", but just listen to those amazing chord progressions and melodies, just beautiful!
  • Avatar for magda-333
    Bad Wings <3
  • Avatar for RosyPsanda
    PUTAQUEPARIUUU. Eu amo esses caras <333333333333333333333333
  • Avatar for edeunnier
  • Avatar for segge
    head full of shadows is mindblowing, i both like the old and the new glitch mob [2]
  • Avatar for jahyuck
    head full of shadows is mindblowing, i both like the old and the new glitch mob
  • Avatar for razor_sharp7
    v Agree. They ran out of ideas after Drink the Sea. I thought they tried too hard on LDI.
  • Avatar for Nesquen
    Ooooh, new EP. Their music is good, but getting kinda boring. The new music sounds the same.
  • Avatar for fireykoalagod
    not IDM
  • Avatar for deathsdemise123
    ...where have these guys been all my life? O.o
  • Avatar for segge
    Hope for the next show like in Hamburg last year :D
  • Avatar for GhostFame
    9 months after my first shout and i'm still completely in love with Drink the Sea
  • Avatar for Nafenia
    Bad Wings is an amazing song!
  • Avatar for iClondike
    need more glitch!
  • Avatar for iClondike
    [user]nirzhar[/user] +1
  • Avatar for nirzhar
    Person Of Interest S4E11
  • Avatar for Strudlif
    gods <3
  • Avatar for unFam0us
    with marijuana - best music :)
  • Avatar for IvanEar
    Person Of Interest S4E11
  • Avatar for razor_sharp7
    v lol
  • Avatar for epicmouse
    The newest album is the worst piece of garbage I stumbled upon during this entire year. 0/10 would never listen again.
  • Avatar for DesunotoK
    finally I discover a good electronic music act.has been hard to find good artists that I don't already know.
  • Avatar for Alex_Trap
    They absolutely destroyed Pittsburgh on Thursday, it was so rad love these guys
  • Avatar for creepingdeathv2
  • Avatar for Suru3
    Love Death Immortality epic !
  • Avatar for Shru
    thats sarcasm, i was pulling your chain, i meant the opposite of what i wrote
  • Avatar for Shru
    Uh yeah, there's totally a noteworthy glitch element to this music. It completely doesn't sound exactly like every other top-40-BeatPort-EDM-trash-for-closed-minded-babies music ever.
  • Avatar for VenusTheMermaid
    Music for creative minds.
  • Avatar for Joey_little
    ты прав!))
  • Avatar for utug303
    Концерт в Питере был ах...нен! Другие синонимы здесь не уместны! (качество картинки и звука оставляет желать лучшего)
  • Avatar for ArcEnigma
    по энергии
  • Avatar for razor_sharp7
    New album isn't as good as their first one
  • Avatar for Brray
    как-то так
  • Avatar for r34c7
    incredible band, discovered them a few months ago and i am truly mesmerized by what they make...very different and original. FLY BY NIGHT ONLY
  • Avatar for GhostFame
    I have entirely fallen in love with their music, holy shit
  • Avatar for OG-Gurda
    Sick .
  • Avatar for ILoveMPortal
    Like clip by [url= Glitch Mob]The Glitch Mob[/url] on music: "[url=]Becoming Harmonious (Feat. Metal Mother)[/url]".
  • Avatar for NO0K
    Как-то по-отдельности у них по-качевей выходит
  • Avatar for SawatDeeDrama
    I like all of their old songs more than the new ones.
  • Avatar for b0Rn24
  • Avatar for gosha22rus
    Повзрослел, полюбил Love Death Immortality. Превосходная работа.


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