• My RSD 2014 Haul of Fame

    Apr 20 2014, 3:26 di heyadamo

    Another year, another Record Store Day eagerly observed and celebrated. When RSD began, it appeared as if record stores were on the endangered species list, along with video rental stores and mainline book chains. Thanks to loyal music fans like me (and you, too, probably if you're reading this) RSD has become a worldwide phenomenon. Fans flock to a store near them in the hopes of finding rare releases exclusive to today and to feed their music jones. Record stores once destined to a dodo-like extinction find their registers jingling and (hopefully) stuffed to the gills.

    I will say this was a far more productive jaunt for me compared to last year. Of course, last year I was on vacation in northern Wisconsin, which never really had much in the way of record stores even before the bottom fell out. (I still ended up finding a store in Escanaba, Michigan -- a good hour drive but a nice excuse to visit the town besides.) This year, I was able to travel to a few different record stores throughout the day…
  • Most Played Albums of 2013

    Dic 20 2013, 12:51 di james3endeacott

  • top 50 albums of the last half year. yay.

    Ago 13 2013, 6:39 di glassofjaw

  • [The Get Up Kids]

    Ago 19 2009, 0:12 di murderxthexcase

    Tue 18 Aug – The Get Up Kids, Spy Catcher
    Location: Manchester Academy 2

    Well, this concert was one particular one that I had initially thought that would never happen. The Get Up Kids. I doubted they would ever reform - and they did. I doubted I'd ever be able to see them. And now I have.

    The night started off with the Watford-based Spycatcher, who were an interesting and exciting first act and I would definitely like to see more of the band in the future - some of their songs really got the crowd going and their potential, in my opinion, is pretty huge. One riff during a particular song reminded me of renowned nineties emo band, Mineral. An interesting point regarding Spycatcher is that their frontman is the guitarist normally of Gallows fame.

    The Get Up Kids took to the stage after a short interval and kicked off with Coming Clean, so I thought that it would follow a similar track to Live @ The Granada Theater, but it didn't. …
  • My Musical Journey

    Gen 3 2009, 20:14 di neesh

    These albums have shaped me into the wide-ranged aficionado I am today. I grew up in a household with my ma who came to the US from the Caribbean as a young woman in the late 60's (she's a fan of Elvis Presley and the Golden Oldies as well as Hindi/Bollywood tunes in addition to Trinidadian music, Norah Jones and appreciates anyone who's "got pipes on 'em") and two much older siblings. My brother was a house/club DJ so that shit was bumping constantly and is embedded in my brain. My sister was into R&B like Tevin Campbell, Jodeci and whatnot yet also smooth jazz. I was all about solo chick singers, Disney tunes, Show Tunes, Carnival music, salsa, merengue and dance hits from all eras (especially disco and club remixes of pop hits) until the fifth grade when I got my hands on Tragic Kingdom and Razorblade Suitcase. Thus began my foray into , interrupted only for a brief moment when I became Bad Boy records obsessed as a tween. I first heard ...
  • My Library [Update]

    Giu 25 2006, 12:30 di -TwoHeadedBoy-