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  • Avatar for Eye_Gore
    Wow...Fantastic....Love it!
  • Avatar for tsilva
  • Avatar for ShadowolfIncubi
    almost forgot how amazing this track is , especially that riff, shivers me timbers
  • Avatar for MalicexBathory
    The rhythm of 'Alone' is freaking amazing, and mesmerizing...
  • Avatar for mynors
    thhis track is amazing man
  • Avatar for ajstryker
    ajstryker anneke"s vocals are fucking amazing!!!!!
  • Avatar for vacomano
    I will be there For you to care And you'll find Peace of Your mind
  • Avatar for DarkOblivion
    my favorite track in this album
  • Avatar for BlanketReviewer
    Anneke is amazing on this song (ALONE not monsters). It hits me every time. <3 it.
  • Avatar for hunterdark
    This band is an incredible find. Thank you. :)
  • Avatar for AlteraAvangArte
    Вот что означает собрать себя по частицам.
  • Avatar for Badsmitty
    another really good piece of music from The Gathering.
  • Avatar for escalonab
    awesome... but this is Monsters
  • Avatar for guitarslinger16
    very nice
  • Avatar for almerochacal
    te quiero anneke.........................
  • Avatar for wareharris
    Get it together, Last.FM! This not "Alone", but "Monsters". Fix your titles, please.
  • Avatar for Silvernyx
    Cool. I love the electronic element. Simmilar to what I want to do with my band...
  • Avatar for ceylan2270
    bok gibi
  • Avatar for Juan_Topo
  • Avatar for dkokaridhas
  • Avatar for Vonpire
    very very very miss Anneke in Gathering :(:(:( Agua de Annique is not comparable to the amazing The Gathering :(
  • Avatar for danaeye
  • Avatar for pimmka
  • Avatar for the_amek
    strange. I still hear "Monsters"
  • Avatar for meisterralle
    looks like someone fixed's indeed alone now....all alone. Altogether one of the most amazing albums of all time.
  • Avatar for stucki71
    i love annekes voice!
  • Avatar for hype66
    Anneke!!!...U r just great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
  • Avatar for the_amek
    yep. This song is "Monsters". Originaly from album "Souvenirs", this live version is from "A Noise Severe" and it's GREAT!!!
  • Avatar for Chtun
    wrong song title, wrong album
  • Avatar for lostangels29
    Einfach Super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for wroteforluck
    this is not alone
  • Avatar for loremandylion
    solo puedo decir una cosa....brillante!
  • Avatar for hangvier
    Aneke mas cerca de Dios que todos nosotros¡¡¡¡¡
  • Avatar for Golnzalord
    Muy buen tema... mejor si fue en Chile... esta grabacion es del DVD (A Noise Severe) de CHILE!!!!!!!!!!!! Viva Chile Mier...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for London26A
    мда.....песня, конечно, транценденентальная, но что за идиотский дешевый клип выложен сдесь на эту композицию, его словно снимал 12 летний подросток начитавшийся книжек уровня Пауло Коэльё
  • Avatar for stucki71
  • Avatar for tru_dude
  • Avatar for FlameGhost
  • Avatar for lili_ana
    tis song is from souvenirs album, but its great
  • Avatar for Morrigan319
  • Avatar for Kuhles
    geiler scheiß ;-)
  • Avatar for karolcia_1993
  • Avatar for layne_in_chains
    A Noise Severe, en vivo desde Chile!!!!
  • Avatar for Thingol_E
    Home is the best !
  • Avatar for isolado
    me pone los pelos de punta esta canción!
  • Avatar for layne_in_chains
    excelente!! espectacular anneke
  • Avatar for if-then-else
    Can't say which version I prefer between the A Sound Relief one, the Home one or the A Noise Severe one. Each one is stunning and both the same and different at the same time. Great song =). Alooone, alooone... I'm all alone <3.
  • Avatar for forever_autumn
    I love this song.
  • Avatar for Mizeri_
    да, песня отличная ^^
  • Avatar for DreamingAlaska
    От этой песни меня просто штырит, плющит и колбасит! Особенно от живой версии :) Don't know how to say it in english, haha. When I listen to this song I just go craaazeeh %))


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