• Album Review: The Gathering - A Noise Severe (2007)

    26 Feb 2012, 10:07 by irisvanhoorn

    The Gathering - A Noise Severe

    This was the last album The Gathering released, before their singer Anneke van Giersbergen decided to leave the band in June 2007. It is a live recording that was released both as a DVD and as a double CD. It was recorded in Santiago, Chile on the 24th of March 2007. The album and DVD were meant as a kind of opposite side to the DVD A Sound Relief, which was released in 2005. In contrast to the semi-acoustic A Sound Relief, A Noise Severe has a much heavier sound. I bought the double CD in August of last year (2011) together with one of their other live albums: Superheat, to complete my collection of The Gathering albums.
    The first disc starts with Shortest Day from the album Home, one of the songs I already liked when I first started listening to The Gathering. It is followed by In Between, also from Home and one of the most beautiful songs they have ever made. …
  • Album Review: The Gathering - Accessories (2005)

    12 Nov 2011, 20:58 by irisvanhoorn

    The Gathering - Accessories

    Maybe a little bit weird to review a compilation album of rarities and b-sides, but I would like to do it anyway. At first I had some doubt whether I wanted to buy this album, because I usually don't really like these kind of collections with leftovers, b-sides and other outtakes. They don't form an album which is nice to listen to as a whole. But it was very cheap and I wanted to have the versions of Strange Machines and Leaves with the Metropole Orchestra, so I bought it in May of this year (2011). It consists of two discs, one with the b-sides that were released on the singles and one with "rarities", which are actually demo versions. Both discs are very nicely packaged in a dark red cardboard sleeve with a big letter "G" cut out in the middle through which you can see the front of the booklet. The front of the booklet is yellow and dark brown with figures of flowers…
  • El día en que Chile se inmortalizó en un DVD

    22 Nov 2007, 00:34 by Darkneo16x

    24 de Marzo del 2007, día en el que por primera vez una banda internacional de Rock (llamésmole así para no herir sensibilidades de nadie), filmó, editó y produjo un concierto en Chile en DVD.

    La banda, The Gathering, y obviamente el DVD es A Noise Severe, trabajo que llegó hace poco a las tiendas Chilenas del rubro a un precio al alcance de todos (12 mil pesos) ¿Que decir? una sola palabra, MARAVILLOSO.

    Increíble es como se captura la escencia de la bestia chilena, mientras recibe y vitorea con verdaderos rugidos, a su banda favorita, en este caso los holandeses alguna vez liderado en voces por Anneke Van Giersbergen.

    Sin dudas un MUST BUY, para todo aquel que se llame fan de The Gathering, un concierto en extenso de dos horas, en el que se tocan temas rarisimos y potentes de la talla de Third Chance, Adrenaline, Leaves, Monsters, entre otros.

    Sin duda el mejor DVD que he visto en lo que va del año, del mejor concierto que va del año y que mejor que grabado en mi tierra.