• Top 10 records of 2008

    2 Jan 2009, 23:22 by el_backpulver

    This is my first entry, so I thought I make it a rather meaningful one. If you continue to read, you will find my favourite records of the year 2008, bottom up, with short annotations (maybe not 100% grammatically correct, but who cares). Enjoy or not, you decide.

    Scam of the Year

    First of, I’d like to name the rip-off of the year. In my opinion, that would be the, what it feels like, 152nd release of Against Me!’s “New Wave” After releasing three different versions (CD, Vinyl+CD, CD+DVD) of their latest album in 2007 , they put out the deluxe version this year which included the original tracks plus the b-sides of their 4 singles and another tune. And as if that wouldn’t be enough, they created a digital EP, consisting only of those 5 new tracks. For a real fan that is eager to collect every release this means to own some songs at least 6 times. I still think that “New Wave” is a decent record, I just can’t make my peace with that kind of distribution strategy.

    But now for something more fun, my favourite albums of 2008