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  • Avatar for EvanLind
  • Avatar for knight_88
    Don't Get Lost in a Movement! <3
  • Avatar for slotfmlove
    I miss these guys :( They put on one one of the greatest shows of my life. That was 4 and half years ago, but I've never forgotten.
  • Avatar for KERPLUNKEN
    wow they are actually really good
  • Avatar for Iron_Scarecrow
    Has anyone managed to download all those demos they got up on their myspace now?
  • Avatar for FilippoInzaghi
    Heh, someone should really fix that Portugal. The Fully Down Man stuff. I would, but I'm serially lazy.
  • Avatar for Iron_Scarecrow
    So when are they reforming?
  • Avatar for yreks
    On Myspace is new song "the rules of attraction"
  • Avatar for Iron_Scarecrow
    I was looking forward to this album... Does anyone have the demo's of Are You Listening, The Art of Being Criminal, Feel Alive, Never Again and What's the Matter in a higher bitrate than 96?
  • Avatar for starjamgirl
    They broke up :'(
  • Avatar for Iron_Scarecrow
    Why is all this Portugal. The Man stuff listed here?
  • Avatar for Iron_Scarecrow
    Funny... new vocalist sounds pretty similar to the last one.
  • Avatar for saocore
    Someone recomended this to me because it supposedly was similar to Thrice... not at all, they sound more like a Wilhelm Scream, Thrice are thrice as br00tal as this guys
  • Avatar for Iron_Scarecrow
    How long does it take to find a singer, hopefully they won't take on the whiniest fuck they can find.
  • Avatar for sarology
    gab the singer is leaving the band... :( i went to their last show last night with him as a singer.
  • Avatar for sarology
    they have A LOT of emotion. trust me. so amazing live and probably the nicest guys you could ever meet.
  • Avatar for Iron_Scarecrow
    Aye, the singer has no balls, they don't have the intensity and emotion that Wilhelm Scream do.
  • Avatar for sarology
    PS Green Day has been around since 1989 but got popular in 1994. Fad band huh?
  • Avatar for sarology
    these guys are all right but they are will probably end up being a fad band like the used or my chemical romance or green day. good for about month YOU'VE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME?
  • Avatar for CerebroJD
    I saw these guys at Warped Tour here in Calgary... amazing talent! Bought their CD on the spot, and dont regret it at all!
  • Avatar for aannggiiee
    a fad band like green day? haha.. yeah i hope that was a joke.
  • Avatar for xperronex
    these guys try to be a wilhelm scream and the singer is lame i guess they don't suck though but they aren't very good
  • Avatar for domih
    proposed some images
  • Avatar for rejectdollie
    These guys are so awsome. I saw them on Saturday and they put on one hell of a show. Gab is a sweetie and he kissed me on the cheek. haha. Srsly, if you like Thrice, you'll love these guys a bajillion times more!
  • Avatar for sarology
    ps i saw them tonight and they were simply amazing. i swear i've seen them close to 20 times or even more. i'm glad they love my area. they'll always be a local band to me.. nicest guys EVER.
  • Avatar for sarology fall out boy? you've got to be JOKING.
  • Avatar for Mindless_Cracka
    These guys are so the next Fall Out Boy. Can't wait till they explode on the scene.

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