• Won't Someone Please Think Of The Children!?!?!??!?

    28 Jun 2006, 22:06 by eltonito

    When I was a teenager I stumbled across this show on The Family Channel that was produced by some Christian "clean media" foundation. This would've been around '90/'91 The show was intended to inform concerned parents about music that would turn their kids into drug addled left-wing homosexual bondage freaks with an interest in free speech and leather1.

    It featured seemingly innocuous bands like Depeche Mode, Erasure, Ministry, Dead Kennedy's, Sex Pistols and several more fairly well-known bands of which I was already aware.

    The show analyzed the lyrics and detailed the deviant acts from songs along with pictures/videos of the offending bands and their album covers. Backstory about the bands also played into their selections - Erasure was picked solely because both members were openly gay2. I guess the idea was that if you saw your kid with one of these albums, you could sound the alarm and ship them off to jerry falwell's High School For the Previously Damned.

  • 10 Greatest Bands of all time (and if you think differently, you're just an idiot)

    28 Feb 2006, 01:19 by IAmChrisHorrax

    Top 10:

    1. Bob Dylan
    2. Animal Collective
    3. The Frogs
    4. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
    5. Sonic Youth
    6. Deerhoof
    7. Miles Davis
    8. Pavement
    9. The Books
    10. Wu-Tang Clan

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    -- What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    God Save The Prom Queen

    -- What is your favorite album of 2?
    Animal Collective's Lonely Hearts Club Panda Tare

    -- What is your favorite lyric that 5 has sung?
    The obvious answer is “I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die,” but I also like that song that Nirvana later covered “Here we are now! Entertain us!” because of its rebelious irony, or anything from It Ain’t Me, Babe.

    -- How many times have you seen 4 live?
    Only once, opening for Zappa, The Band, and Kid Rock.

    -- What is your favorite song by 7?
    Probably "Sivad"

    -- What is a good memory you have considering the music of 10?
    Pat (ratrickpeilly) played "Bring Da Ruckus" for me when we were up late at his house over break. …