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    1 Mar 2006, 02:09 by MHotel

    the world is full of goddamn cheaters.

    a while ago i was working on a mix entitled four worries, and crafted the last chapter of it (perfidy) based on a drama i was only vaguely connected to: two lifelong friends came to a head over a girl, and it all ended unsurprisingly badly for everyone involved. i do my best not to pass judgement and, while my respect for the players of this particular mishap never dwindled or declined, things like this stick in between the folds of my brain and take root and grow.

    not for the first time in my life, i started meditating on the idea of humanity as a race of cheaters. in business and in love, many of us seek easy solutions, straight paths, and offer ourselves little discourse in regards to consequences. not the nicest thing to do certainly, but without these travails, life would be pretty status quo, boring, and melancholy.

    in the realm of love, i have never been a cheater. i've been the other guy maybe a couple times, though, which probably makes me just as bad.