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  • Avatar for DonPinguin
  • Avatar for DonPinguin
    @marjo47 only that they're far better than the kooks
  • Avatar for 2morrowww
    she said you said i said two times instead SJDJSHFJDHJFHDJEYTIE4
  • Avatar for Junior_Lins
  • Avatar for Vinderen
    Baby doll baby doll climbing on the bedroom wall
  • Avatar for GemshiPlushie
    lol, typo
  • Avatar for Musiquetime
    love the dance, carnival feel, it's like sitting in the car on a sunny day ready for a dayout
  • Avatar for Urtz89
    I'm looking for more songs like this one. But according to my opinion neither the kooks nore the wombats have recorded a similar song
  • Avatar for Gary_Miau
    *dancing*, just amazing!
  • Avatar for Deni001
    Their best song!!!
  • Avatar for terrait
    whahah CUNTry ;p
  • Avatar for MsFranx66
    Don't know why, just don't like them.
  • Avatar for littleclover
    makes me dance :)
  • Avatar for CaliClo
    feel good music at its best!
  • Avatar for muddrifter
    soooo underated, best fratellis song
  • Avatar for valentinohen
    very nice music in the middle of the night here
  • Avatar for smoody114
    Fratellis.... !!! fleathed is great too
  • Avatar for granxuxo
  • Avatar for init_kosty
    Ну так можно послущать:)
  • Avatar for domi_mcrmy
  • Avatar for annemiekehearts
    i like the fratellis! great band! Henrietta is a great song too.
  • Avatar for gazt1976
    Hail Hail
  • Avatar for bunsai07
    Rock !!!
  • Avatar for Erikysja
  • Avatar for Penich1nah
    то, что нужно!!!
  • Avatar for ukrainianIDIOT
    =Р офигенно
  • Avatar for Amelieri-ta
    it's great!
  • Avatar for Steev_Umc
    Find me a bad track on this whole album.. i dare ya!!! xsx
  • Avatar for rickorona
    great tune
  • Avatar for Carlitos_soad
    amazing muito bom mesmo
  • Avatar for Carjaipa
    Te levantan el día!!!!
  • Avatar for Carlitos_soad
  • Avatar for DAANIbr
    amoamoamo <33
  • Avatar for dan_is_listenin
  • Avatar for wombat_monkey
    I loove Fratellis <3
  • Avatar for outstretched
    Fratellis really ROCKS!
  • Avatar for MrsDotCotton
    this isney an unknown gem :S, loadsa people know it =]
  • Avatar for MauroNausmann
  • Avatar for olaviabonfim
    good =)
  • Avatar for Pixe-King
    they do a wicked cover of All Along The Watchtower ....hail hail !!!! <3 I love the way u city girls dress even tho ur headz in a mess : )
  • Avatar for xoxsaramarie
    They DO fucking rock! And so does this song.
  • Avatar for dzid91
    Well... They fucking rock!
  • Avatar for ALe_Av
    I love the demo version
  • Avatar for gabo_nitao
    lost them everywhere that she goooes noow
  • Avatar for revolution_II
    whistle for da choir ... loving it!! started off with chelsea daggar.
  • Avatar for Georgia_AM
    This is the best song on the album. Even better than Chelsea Dagger.
  • Avatar for MasterKeks
    There would be more plays, I guess. But there are too many users writing the title wrong.
  • Avatar for Mikemat5150
    Why wasn't this on the US version? So great.
  • Avatar for NextegnKanji
    Underplayed, underrated, this world is so unfair.
  • Avatar for narutofool
    It's a treason that they play this on the radio.


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