• World wide MCs?

    1 Jun 2006, 09:55 by greggant

    I just discovered Hilltop Hoods and the songRecapturing The Vibe is completely off the hook sonically, although I'm not sure how I feel about the Aussie accent as its just not what I'm used to in . You can snag it on their website www.hilltophoods.com/. Anyhow I just realized how few international hip hop acts I have on my playlist, I have a few tracks by Sweden's finest, Looptroop which are pretty dope. There's always Nicolay of Justice League, most famous for doing Foreign Exchange with Phonte of Little Brother fame and fortune. Its hard to consider British Columbia's Swollen Members international, as Canada really doesn't count in the general North American appeal for internationalism, and Vancouver is as much part of the Northwest as Seattle or Portland, and perhaps more so.

    For whatever reason I just wasn't feelin' The Streets at all, his off kilter flow I just couldn't get with but I'm open to recommendations, granted non-English hip hop will probably lack the impact as lyrics are what I tend to hand on.
  • two-and-a-half months of collecting data...

    28 Dec 2005, 16:11 by zephirnl

    First off, I'm pissed at Safari just unexpectedly crashing on me whilst writing a fully tagged journal entry. I was almost finished!!! Growl. This is also why I will start this post out without any links and will keep it short, because I will not be wanting to do this for a third time.

    As I look at my top listened artist list over this period I like what I see.

    1. Jason Mraz - 104
    <I really dig his last record, Mr. A-Z, which I play a lot on my mp3 player while I ride my bike too. It's the kind of record I would like to have made myself. I get inspired and stuff.>

    2. Ugly Duckling - 97
    <These guys know their Fun, their Funky Breaks AND their HipHop. I have played all of their albums once now, but undoubtedly there will be more plays to come.>

    3. Jamie Lidell - 89
    <This guy was a real revelation when I first heard Multiply. He has such an amazing voice and his live performances are not to be missed either. Seen him twice now and he totally kicked ass both times!>