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  • Pure sickness
  • help me in welcoming the Flyinggg LUTTENB-wkhlkjfhkdeelihehjhkjfksfksjkjshjkhkjkjhkj
  • still ridiculously unmatched and despicably underrated [2]
  • Weasel=drums=god♡
  • gods of chaos though rise of the iridescent behemoth is a top track for sure
  • best album???? for me I think its between either infection and decline or systems emerge from complete disorder....
  • Mindf*ck
  • still ridiculously unmatched and despicably underrated
  • This is pizdets!
  • That's some pretty fucked up shit. Love it!
  • Why hadn't I listened to these guys until today?
  • chaotic no wave De Futura!!! so much fun
  • i cant believe this exists [2]. They're so fantastically unique
  • Haunting!
  • i cant believe this exists. it is amazing and it makes me sad it is over :(
  • noise jazz[2]
  • Best band ever. RIP.
  • "ha Sympa comme video au fait.
  • Orgasmic.
  • <3
  • @_9
  • :D
  • Wish my father was playing in this band.
  • V-A
    OMG! Never thought noise jazz exists.
  • this band kicks ass
  • nice! i became a fan of Colin's stuff cuz i love Infidel?/Castro! he's a genuis! Nuclear Rabbit was just some awesome crazy shit i found on the internet.
  • Yeah, it's from a Nuclear Rabbit song. Apparently Colin and Kevin from Dysrhythmia are in Gorguts now, but I haven't heard any news about it in like a year. And John Longstreth on drums. Crazy.
  • he's joining Behold... The Arctopus?? that's NUTS!! moth-chew-moth is yr name referencing Nuclear Rabbit?
  • Amazing band. Weasel is playing with Behold... The Arctopus now.
  • Они ебанутые гении!!!
  • good but exhausting
  • I like that picture too. Pretty funny!
  • Haha, i like that picture. It looks like Paul Rudd is in the Flying Luttenbachers.
  • Great music, very much in the Massacre/Last Exit tradition
  • this is bizarre. it sort of reminds me of zu though and i like them so i'll give this more of a listen.
  • hehe this band is neat.
  • Let's get the homeless drunk and let them beat us up!
  • If you like this kind of thing, you may or may not enjoy this track: [track artist=Jason, Matt, and Joel]Twist Abyss[/track].
  • if you're in to craZy, fucked urp, electro music, then check out this ensemble of japanese / european artists, expect some original shit !!!
  • I'm enjoying this band alot,yes. It is good, this I know.
  • does anyone know where i can find the alptraum cd? or does anyone have the files and would be willing to send them. i can't find it anywhere
  • this beats me up. and W.W. is a daycent fella, to boot.
  • nihilistic punk
  • join [url=]Mick Barr[/url]
  • This is bizarre music - meant in the best way.
  • The Flying Luttenbachers—now connected to the group ➤ [group]future of jaZz[/group]
  • still unsurpassed!
  • locos


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