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  • The post-Parsons stuff is worth checking out, for those who haven't done so. Not as good as the stuff with Parsons, but the self-titled and Last of the Red Hot Burritos are both very enjoyable records.
  • what a vibe
  • Way underrated pioneers
  • Burrito Deluxe, Guilded Palace and the self tiled (despite not having Gram) may very well be the best country albums ever.
  • there will be peace in the valley!!!!!
  • Great band.
  • inspired by the lovely flying burrito brothers :)
  • If you like Lu's beautiful blend of country, soul, folk, gospel, and rock, check out Justin Townes Earle:
  • RIP, Chris Ethridge
  • r_m
    R.I.P. Chris Ethridge...
  • hahah that's a great point actually. The post-Gram stuff has like 20 plays on here. I'm too scared to listen to it incase it sounds like Poco and ruins the Bros FOREVER
  • fantastic stuff
  • "He quit the Byrds because of that, and most people know that excuse was bullshit."...yep Parsons wanted to follow Keith Richards around like a puppy dog instead of touring with the Byrds at that point. The South Africa Apartheid thing was just a convienient excuse at the time.
  • Big Star covered HB#2!? Oh man, I gotta hear that.
  • He quit the Byrds because of that, and most people know that excuse was bullshit.
  • Th band Gram Parsons quit because they were apparently about to tour South Africa (during apartheid) and thanks to his hanging with the Rolling Stones, he wouldn't, bless him. This was a good platform to give him his start.
  • this are some crap vibes man! can't take any more....I'm outta here.
  • It just doesn't get any better than this.
  • Would of never bothered listening to these guys if not for the fact that Big Star covered Hot Burrito #2, this band may be the only "country" band I can tolerate.
  • r_m
    Sneaky Pete was a god.
  • The spirit of Gram still lingers on.....
  • what is the bullshit i found it on a friends list this shit is HORRIBLE
  • r_m <- new photo
  • "Lazy Days" for everyday!
  • like 100 years from now (live) of my favourites
  • this is a great band. found them by accident ...bought a compilation it ! big it up for the Flying Burritto Brothers!
  • The Beatles a melhor banda de rock de todos os tempos!!!
  • I found out about this band accidentaly. I'm so glad I did...
  • There must be some kind of error because Hot Burrito #1 isn't the top of the chart...
  • =]
  • hot burrito #1. The greatest country soul ballad of all time? Antyother contenders out there.
  • Gram Parsons was a great songwriter. Belly's cover of Hot Burrito is awesome too - got me into them.
  • My dad's old boss at the radio station he used to work at was Chris Hillman's roommate in college. Pretty damn cool, eh? Amazing musicians, Gram was perfect. Hot Burrito #1 is one of my favorite tracks ever recorded. So much emotion!
  • Great band!
  • <3
  • Upcoming Big Star box set will feature a live recording of them covering Hot Burrito #2.
  • I never thought a song called "Hot Burrito #1" would make me want to cry. LOL.
  • Anybody else irritated that Elvis Costello's cover of Hot Burrito #1 is incorrectly listed as I'm Your Toy?
  • For those whose drinking and listening habits are inseperable...
  • Feel free to check and join the [url=]Country Artist of the Week[/url] group. Members vote for their favorite country artists to become the group's "Country Artist of the Week".
  • better than the stones/
  • Everyone be sure to read John Einarson's new Burritos book. Rock biographies simply do not get better.
  • Such a great band; they just do not get the credit they deserve.
  • why is hot burrito #1 not #1? Madness.....
  • is about coke? :P
  • White line fever!
  • Dark End of the Street is great cover.


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