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The Flaming Lips

See the Leaves (4:24)

Wayne Coyne: “A simple, menacing groove, but also a kind of grinding machine. It implies a primitive self-exploration. To understand life, we must, sadly, understand death. To know the value of love, we must try to understand the nature of evil. To know ecstasy, one must explore suffering. Crazy, panic drums by Kliph.”

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Without hope
Without love
She sees herself
From below and above

The Flaming Lips - See the Leaves Lyrics


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  • Good song
  • dat bass
  • it's tryyying again...
  • Such an incredible track! I am so glad I went back to Embryonic, I this is my favorite song from the record.
  • the live version is amazing
  • One of the songs that really got me into Embryonic. Really really outstanding track.
  • love it
  • ‎"A lot of times we sing songs about a very optimistic way that life can be lived. It's best to be optimistic sometimes in this brutal World. But there are some times where I don't know if optimism really works, Sometimes it's just better to fucking fight back with all that you fucking have. Some motherfuckers really deserve it. I still believe this song is still an optimistic song in the end because it says «like the Sun that comes up everyday just keep fucking trying again, just try again!»" - Wayne Coyne @ Bonnaroo
  • The last part is great.
  • I love when they get the hot chick on the screen to bang away at those drums.... I just want to sit down and watch that for days.

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