• Playing back Zaireeka -- Alone!

    29 Jan 2008, 23:41 by dusk78

    Today I finally had the Zaireeka-4-disc-Set in my mail. And I wanna listen to it. It's 10:44 pm now, and no friends are around who would happily bring their stereo at this time of the night, so I asked myself:

    How can I play four CDs at the same time?

    Technically, there are three halfway decent sound systems in my flat:
    1. My 5.1-dolby-dts-blabla surround system in the living room, including a not too small subwoofer.
    2. My PC with a 2.1 stereo system with a small subwoofer.
    3. My MP3-player which I can connect to my old PC speakers in the bedroom, which aren't too bad.

    This leaves me with a problem: Where to play disc number 4?

    The only other device left in my flat that can play music is my mobile. It sounds really (really, really) shitty but what else can I do?

    So this is the set up: Disc 1 goes in the surround system, disc 2 will be played on the PC, disc 3 goes on the MP3, and disc 4 ... Well, it has to be the mobile.