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  • Avatar for gottalovett07
    why all the hate? this is the Lips that I miss
  • Avatar for sls
    This is a groovy, rockin 'Lips song with an on-point message about Islamic fanatics... screw you dude, this is top notch
  • Avatar for Chumsicles
    not a very good song.....
  • Avatar for NeoOneNil
    [1 of 2 posted 01-28-2011] Personally I can relate to this song, as I often take snippets of songs & certain lyrical passages that grips & really moves my nous/intellect. After, I try to spread that out to other people through trying to tell them to listen/analyse/think for themselves @ the genesis seed lyrics of the songs being sung. Make it mean what you want to mean, no barriers - your choice, your cognition: a 'free for all'. Lately, I've come to epiphany most of non-pay-TV or free-to-air 'Network' syndicated TV owned by the Packers/Murdochs is propaganda $lanted bullshit that 'mind zombie controls' the population to behave & reason out in Only One Way espoused by the 'fat cats' media owners, Donald Trumps & even the governments themselves blah blah blah. The sentiment I get is Wayne Coyne instating that people like me don't have VERY original ideas (read above) & are NOT really radical (after all), let alone purely revolutionary.
  • Avatar for NeoOneNil
    [2 of 2 posted 01-28-2011] We're just being immature or fanatical about trying to make our feelings more widespread/taken & lapped up - often in vain or miniscule reception. 'Your bodyguard' line infers we're not macho physically superior superheroes, but rather sensitive/sometimes confused childish geeks in need of protection. Sure, what applies to some doesn't apply to all others - but when you feel so passionately about an issue, here's all I'll have to write (ala an epitaph). Song lyrics is the quickest & most poetic/subtle way of getting people to change, be themselves & find their niche - CONTRARY to $ociety prescribed college education & self help books et al etc blah blah blah ad infinitum. I read, do & try the latter pill, but in the end 'we always came back to the song we were singing at any particular time', as sung by Paul McCartney himself. That, folks, is the magic potion & the bullet: in The Song.
  • Avatar for wi-lll
    Prince, not of Montreal.
  • Avatar for STONEfly88
    Love that guitar.
  • Avatar for in90sec
    i love wanting to love a track and find out i already do love <3
  • Avatar for OneDrunkWalking
    Prince & Ween
  • Avatar for Bolshevized
    Indie nerd funk. Rad.

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