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The Flaming Lips

Are You a Hypnotist?? (4:45)


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  • Steven: On “Are You A Hypnotist”, there are six different drum things going on. There are three drumkits, a programmed drum machine, and two electronic drum parts that I played on a keyboard. There was no rhyme or reason for that. We just kept piling stuff on until we thought it sounded awesome. Thankfully, we’re not one of those bands that go in to the studio and knock out all the drum parts and move on. Sometimes we’ll do all the tracking for the other instruments first and then do the drums.
  • Best cut off their best CD
  • \/ definitely.
  • probably the best flaming lips song ever..
  • <3 from Modesto California
  • the drums on this are insane
  • typical sandman2527
  • I made this, a bit psychodelic: http://yooouuutuuube.com/v/?b=1&yt=I42NSiXFCEY&width=96&height=96&flux=1&direction=rand
  • the best chorus ever?
  • i love air and i love this song, but i don't think the resemblance is all that close - i do think it is thematically a little like virgin suicides in the intro, but that album is quite different from most of air's work. just my two cents :)
  • this song is awesome
  • MAN this synth at the begining sounds soooo much like AIR's Virgin Suicides OST !
  • And so much more, great track..............
  • it got me. Amazing track.
  • D R U M S
  • 'now who can tell me the best song you know'' -raises hand- ''yes dylan'' ''FLAMING LIPS AE YOU A HYPNOTIST!!!!
  • Trippy.
  • Transcends!
  • monster thumbs up!!!
  • the drums on this are so good. if you like the Flaming Lips you might like A Troop of Echoes - saxophone-driven high-energy instrumental indie rock! http://atroopofechoes.com
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  • oh man...the newest flaming lips cd is seriously sooo damn good
  • totally mind warping
  • the flaming lips seem to be consistently hit-or-miss for me. this one is definitely a hit.
  • fuzzalicious. I never get tired of this one. so good.
  • paperwerewolf: Yeah same here, I can't watch the video for very long, I have to look away or I start getting a headache. But it does fit the song really well.
  • http://www.myspace.com/youngheartbreaks <-- check us out please
  • I wish Drozd still played drums at the live shows!
  • Drozd is a absolute shit hot muthafuckin beast on this one, oh yes.
  • finally digging the flaming lips.. best song so far.
  • Never heard this one; diggin these crunchy vibes.
  • One of my favorite Flaming Lips songs!
  • when this came up on my library my face was like :)
  • The video on the DVD makes my head hurt, but seems to add to the song.
  • epic...
  • idk exactly why, but i could (read: do... lol) listen to this song a gazillion times and never tire of it. it seems to fill my soul with light or something like that. :)
  • Hypnotic.
  • The only way to get threw work .... Thanx Lips.
  • nice
  • This song is a real sleeper for me, at first I was okay with it, after tons of plays I'm really loving it.
  • jasmine_SV: LOL
  • Dang I love this song.
  • i can almost follow those drum strikes now by memory, so fun to try to keep up.
  • yeaha
  • Oh I want to roll around in this song for a while.
  • The Flaming Lips tag is really useful, thanks.
  • I had forgiven you for tricking me again, but I had been again tricked into forgiving you...
  • What is this??? (CHOIR: WHAT IS THIS???!!!) *love*
  • Forget nausea: I can't believe they got away with not putting an epilepsy warning anywhere. Meanwhile on Zaireeka they have a warning about high frequencies.
  • The video!! [Warning: could cause nausea]


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