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  • i can't believe people are calling this a fail! granted, it took a couple of listens to grow on me but it's an AMAZING record. it's cutting and in-your-face, but melodious and thoroughly musical as well. it's just incredibly well-done.
  • i love how abrasive and melodic this album is at the same time, the production kills me. i love to put on studio headphones and just drown in the cacophony of this album.
  • Wow, such negative comments about such an amazing album. I agree with the bass comment 6IO made, it's just fantastic. And I love that Embryonic is so LOUD.
  • only folks calling this rubbish are fucking twee fans who only like Yoshimi
  • 6IO
    Let me set the record straight now. As far as i'm concearned i hadnt enjoyed listening to bass playing this much from since Paul McCartney/Revolver + Gary Mani Mournfield/complete output.
  • i bought it when it came out. and i still haven't listened to it
  • i only discovered this album now and i think it's absolutely amazing.
  • Great album. Favorite release of the past year or so.
  • love this album, but it's too LOUD!
  • 6IO
    I cant believe myself with this
  • this is addictive.
  • fuck your genres tbh
  • This album is a big mushroom stamp on the forehead of shitgaze
  • Easily one of the best albums of 2009.
  • their "white album". or not
  • V such a total fail by such a retard V
  • Such a fail by such a band. Facepalm.
  • The Flaming Lips are in full force again :D
  • this one grows on me with every listen!
  • So fucking awesome.
  • loving it, great album, really really good. probably album of the year
  • really really good. :) nice one to start knowing these guys. I'll be checking their past stuff in the future...
  • total grower. really reminds me of exile on main street with its nuances and glob of sound
  • the best album of the year? quite possibly... (2)
  • im not too sure about this album... im all up for a bit of crazy but i think they lost the plot with this one
  • the best album of the year? quite possibly...
  • Really happy with this one :) so brilliant, may even be my favourite lips album (or second to clouds)
  • I'm still completely confused with the album. I'm not saying I don't like it, I just have no idea what's going on a lot of the time. It's kind of mysterious.
  • Seriously awesome
  • WOW .... What an album .... 5 starts
  • I think I will be enjoying this one immensely :) Well done Wayne!
  • wow on this page I found everything I expected to find (praise)
  • this is really really good
  • <3 !!
  • Five Star Album ***** to my favorites
  • <3
  • Holy shit I love this album.
  • This album is terrific... so far :P Only a few tracks in and 'The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine' totally rocked my socks, just as much as 'Convinced of the Hex'. So far so good Lips, a fitting follow-up to Mystics.
  • eep! excited! the first two tracks are gold.
  • can't wait.. can't waaaaiiiiit
  • It's not even out and I love it.


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