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  • It's a shame Coyne has turned out to be such a tool. I used to love this band. I can't even appreciate the Soft Bulletin or Clouds anymore.
  • Well… they weren't good as i expected by doing the sgt peppers. It was like dark side part 2. The album have a few good moments but in a whole it doesn't work
  • do you realize melhor faixa!
  • I still remember the first time I heard the Flaming Lips. I think they will always be my favorite band.
  • 80s lips are obviously the best
  • Самая недооцененная группа современности.
  • The Flaming Lips? More like Insanely Shit!!!! Lol how funny am I though??
  • don't be a flaming dipshit. the lips deliver ;)
  • More like The Flaming Shits...
  • Holy Schmokes
  • Worst cover band in the game.
  • I took pics and wrote some words about The Flaming Lips mind bending show in Toronto for Riot Fest.
  • 90s > 00s > 10s > 80s
  • Flaming Lips is good and all but could you not like flamingos?
  • Flaming Lips is good and all, but how could you not like Flaming Lips?
  • 90's flaming lips is good and all, but how could you not like 00's flaming lips?
  • aliens
  • sls
    yeah, that was him.
  • AC/DC is not hair metal. You may be thinking of Gene Simmons
  • sls
    I read an interview with some washed up hair metal guy (from AC/DC i think) talking about "Rock is dead, name me one band since the 80s that are true legends" and the interviewer was like "...Nirvana?" Bitch please... I've got some Flaming Lips albums to show you.
  • 80's flaming lips is good and all, but how could you not like 90's flaming lips?
  • 80s flaming lips or stfu
  • Wayne is weird sometimes, when he's not being weird
  • sls
    Legendary freaks. If they want to cover a Beatles album, I'm down with that.
  • good ! i love you <3
  • Wayne is weird sometimes. If he can make a ke$ha song work he can make a miley cover work.
  • Almost every artist now releases their albums on vinyl (many labels stopped in the mid-to-late 90's) because so many people desire to buy analog music.
  • OMG! I love it ♥
  • I find his friendship with Miley really creepy
  • Good lord, who cares what Wayne does on his free time? Stop paying attention if it bothers you that much. By my account, their last album, The Terror, was fucking fantastic. Their live shows are STILL fantastic. What else matters??
  • I'd say Wayne has lost his damn mind but he never really had one to lose...which WAS a good thing but not anymore. I wish he'd go back to making listenable music instead of media whoring with Miley.
  • Clouds Taste Metallic
  • It can't be as bad as the stone roses tribute they worked on.
  • To all the people complaining: nothing has been destroyed. Nobody is forcing you to listen to the cover versions (I hope). Stop being idiots and feeling entitled to things, and most importantly stop pretending that The Beatles is somehow "forever ruined"
  • They see Wayne rollin', they hatin'
  • Why are there so many haters? Wayne's just doing his thing. He's always been crazy, let him be crazy! He'll continue to blow our minds
  • my cover :3
  • does anyone care about their gimmicks anymore
  • "indie"
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów The Flaming Lips
  • at*
  • Shame about the ex drummer, he looked like a decent drummer from the UFOs and the zoo show, wanted to see him drumming with the band at their recent UK shows
  • I'm not sure about Miley Cyrus, but the Lips played Lucy in the Sky as their encore at the Edinburgh show last week and it was bloody amazing. I look forward to the Sgt. Pepper's cover album and I can't do anything but ignore all the butt-frustrated 'patricians' who can't get over the fact that a band they like don't give a shit about hipster cred.
  • Amazingly, the Lips were as good at Brixton last night as when I saw them at Glastonbury in the late 90's - seem to have got back their mojo!! smiles for miles!! (not good about the other stuff that's discussed below, but as a live band, still way out there!)
  • so they've started playing Abandoned Hospital Ship at the last few shows......reaffirmed my belief that the music is bigger than anything that could possibly happen to this band
  • Oh, Yoshimi, they don't believe me but you won't let those robots eat me
  • People keep tagging this with "indie"?
  • rip wayne,im done with this shit


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