• Oh, goody! a survey!

    30 Sep 2006, 04:51 by kingofgrief

    In some of the journals that pop up on my dashboard, I've noticed a survey going around, either involving the poster's all-time Top 10 last.fm artists or a list specifically chosen for the purpose. I'm going to compromise and use my Top Tenners, substituting the two not-actual-bands-per-se (The Assortmentand The Flabbit Band) and the mainly-spoken-word George Carlin with the artists at #11-13. Thus my answers will involve the following ten acts:

    1 Low
    2 Talking Heads
    3 Slowdive
    4 Brian Eno
    5 New Order
    6 The Beach Boys
    7 Placebo
    8 Cocteau Twins
    9 61 Cygni
    10 Depeche Mode

    What was the first song you ever heard by 6?

    Oh, man...it had to be one of the early Endless Summer-era hits. Maybe "Surfin' U.S.A."? I was a wee tyke at the time so it's rather fuzzy.

    What is your favorite album by 2?

    Fear Of Music. Ask anyone who knows me. It was my favorite album altogether for a spell and it's still a desert-island accessory. …