• Why am I doing this?

    16 Jun 2008, 21:45 by maya_papaya19

    Set your music player on shuffle. For each new "scene" note down the song that comes next. So no cheating.

    WARNING: This "random" survey is more accurate and frightening than one would wish for.

    Opening Credits:
    Lo-Fi-Fnk - Steppin' Out

    Waking Up:
    A Brand - Beauty Booty Killerqueen
    (WHOA perfect wake up song.)

    Average Day:
    Klaxons - Magick
    (not sure about this one...)

    First Date:
    Grandaddy - The Nature Anthem
    (ahhh on our way to plant trees in his hybrid)

    Falling In Love:
    M.I.A. - Boyz
    (hmm. falling in love at a club maybe?)

    Fight Scene:
    Supergrass - Alright
    (this is just not fight music.)

    Breaking Up:
    The Fictions - Black November

    Getting Back Together:
    Seymore Saves the World - Love Song

    Secret Love:
    Queen - I Want to Break Free

    Life's Okay:
    Ferraby Lionheart - Before We're Dead

    Mental Breakdown:
    Phantom Planet - The Leader
    (I must be joining a cult...)

    Head Automatica - Beating Heart Baby