• new obsessions

    3 Nov 2006, 21:55 by Caribou

    wow, it's been a while since my last journal entry on here. sorry to keep you all on tenterhooks, but i'm sure you'll all be pleased to hear that i'm still as big a music geek as i ever was.

    anyway, because i'm so unimpressed with tonight's tv schedule (seriously, friday nights have gone right down the shitter) here's a few music-type things i've been obsessing over recently.

    Mogwai - i was lucky enough to see them live at the manchester academy in september, and i've barely gone five minutes without listening to them since. sadly, there was no Mogwai Fear Satan on the night, but we did get Summer and 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong, as well as a blistering ten-minute version of We're No Here which, as you'd expect, ended in intense feedback and white noise.

    i've even revised my opinion about Mr. Beast, although it still isn't on a par with Young Team or Rock Action. still, fantastic band. i must hear that zidane film soundtrack they've done.