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This Nation's Saving Grace
The Fall

This Nation's Saving Grace


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  • it's really 30 years ago now that this was released! f**k, i'm getting old...
  • Also why are there two versions of TNG when the names appear to my eyes to be spelled exactly the same?
  • I hate to use such a stupid word but I can't help feeling this one's a bit... "overrated." Don't get me wrong, it's a terrific album and a few of the tracks are among my favorite Fall tunes ("Barmy" is one of their best rockers, "My New House" rules and what can be said about "Paint Work" other than "it's fucking brilliant?" What other band (MES) could make a lo-fi tape experiment that not only does amazing things with sound but is also extremely catchy?) but I don't see where the bulk of the tracks are all that much better than those found on their other albums of the period. So yes, it is a great album, but I'm tired of the lazy acceptance of it as the undisputed masterpiece of the band. I'd rate Hex, Grotesque and Perverted by Language well above it from an objective "These are better albums" standpoint and from a personal preference perspective I'd rather listen to The Frenz Experiment, The Wonderful and Frightening World Of... and probably Bend Sinister. And that's just the 80s.
  • masterpiece
  • one for the island
  • Paint. Fucking. Work.
  • Their fucking best.
  • I love it :3
  • Yeah, this was my first Fall album too, but probably my least favourite (from the albums I have heard so far). Still a good album though.
  • one of the greatest albums of all time without doubt. [2] I JUST COULDN'T GET AHEAD
  • Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • my favorite what a crazy 65 minutes
  • Did you seee mah new houze
  • Arguably the greatest Fall record. It's hard to say what album is their best considering the amount of great albums from the bands repertoire.
  • I keep on forgetting just how *solid* this album is. And Paint Work in particular is an astonishing track.
  • My American mates are going on about the World Series, calling it a "Fall classic." Wrong. THIS is a fall classic!
  • Paint Work deserves more credit.
  • what penis said
  • one of the greatest albums of all time without doubt.
  • Not one bad track, not even an average track. My favourite Fall line up, the rhythm section on this album is one of the tightest you'll ever hear. And John Leckie's production is perfect. I suspect that Smith might think it is too well produced! But then I would never presume to have a clue what MES thinks of anything. LOL!
  • Bombast is the absolute shit
  • Possibly one of the greatest albums ever.
  • The drumming on this album is fucking mint. So high in the mix, especially on tracks like I Am Damo Suzuki. Makes me want to collapse and shit my pants. Erm, in a good way...
  • Just call me the first
  • [url=http://www.last.fm/group/The+Mouse+Trap+-+Ride+fans/forum/88695/_/422635]Now listen here[/url].
  • This is one great album.
  • I love the title "Gut of the Quantifier". A quantifier is someone who measures something accurately. Using his "gut" means he is measuring something by guesswork.
  • A++
  • one of the greatest. ever.

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