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  • cab it up uptown uptown... michael!
  • I feel trapped by mutual affection, and I don't know how to use freedom
  • hey there, f**kface!
  • keep awaaaaaaaaay from my new house
  • slates is awesome.
  • Like little twigs... twigs.
  • I'm only niiiineteeen. I was lookin for.. a pacifyyyyin joint. a place where, niiice people can meet.
  • This is the home of the vain.
  • We are The Fall!
  • That was originally quoted on the wiki but was removed :(
  • If it's me and your granny on bongos, it's The Fall (Mark E Smith)
  • It's good. Nice one.
  • I wrote a Wiki. Could you have a look at it with a view to improving?
  • Jawbone and the air-rifle


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