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  • Avatar for atze1965
  • Avatar for urbsh
    I don't listen to ska as much as I used to, but I've always got time for this track!
  • Avatar for xDgerpunky
    ta bien : )
  • Avatar for JerryZucchini
    awesome song.
  • Avatar for GeekGirl23
  • Avatar for ewemily
    Best song by The Fad... Or possibly ever.
  • Avatar for purplemepurple
    They are awesome!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for christian462236
  • Avatar for zombiekaychica
    fun sound i never heard them before
  • Avatar for xdslayer93
    really amazing!!
  • Avatar for malpeel
  • Avatar for iloverotelle
    I cannot love this song enough. It's just not possible.
  • Avatar for hexvixen
    This is amazing!
  • Avatar for diondawg
    das pretty sick. sounds like something from Burnout 3.
  • Avatar for gomezeroles
    ea ea!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for JJayBee
    Anyone know if Royal City Riot recorded there cover for this song or do they just play it at shows?
  • Avatar for VestiaryModesto
    While I like third wave ska as much as the next person, this may be the single most appropriate band name of all time.
  • Avatar for DennisThorsten
    sehr nice
  • Avatar for RedRobot
    I can't believe how many years it's been since i've seen this band.
  • Avatar for CrimsonxIrony
  • Avatar for minorityyes
    großartig - immer wieder denk ich: "Ach, das nu wieder - schön!"
  • Avatar for Distaval
    diggin it
  • Avatar for MinkCote
    yeaaaaah! I like that!
  • Avatar for GlueEar
    Cool shit! might buy an album!
  • Avatar for DrSharky70
    If this song were a woman, I would make love to her.
  • Avatar for sammyjaneee
    they're back!
  • Avatar for bigbudde
    love it <3!!!
  • Avatar for JanieVicious
    holy shit. these guys are really good. it's a shame they're not together anymore. does anybody know where i could get their cds?
  • Avatar for DanielIwace
  • Avatar for im12yom
    I LOVE SKA!!! This is a good band. But has anybody noticed you cant find downloads for like any ska bands, and they dont sell Ska CD's at music stores... ska isnt dead!
  • Avatar for Meatjob
    1st song i hear whenever i open up
  • Avatar for leandrinhohate
    muiiiiiiiiito louco
  • Avatar for codykru
    BajsArne, im not sure to take that as a compliment or insult... either way, thank you! :D
  • Avatar for citizenbritton
    the fad is my paradise
  • Avatar for CaptureTheCat
  • Avatar for BajsArne
    Codykru, you are so ska it scares me.
  • Avatar for Vanuch
    Really really miss this band
  • Avatar for codykru
    @loagiebear, im glad its not, havent you realized once a genre gets too popular, the genre begins to suck, and people who claim to be it, arent.
  • Avatar for giambojemb
  • Avatar for loagiebear
    I wish Ska was more popular......
  • Avatar for BajsArne
    lastfm really loves this song.
  • Avatar for iandaemon
    eh, not horrible
  • Avatar for spacecowboyian
    R.I.P. Fad. Gone too soon.
  • Avatar for donpotenzo
    Like It =)
  • Avatar for the_guilt_trip
    Very Nice ;D
  • Avatar for bamboozle_rmbj
    huh no bad..
  • Avatar for IAMKElS0
    so goooooodd

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