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  • Avatar for Xfing
    This song is fucking amazing! One of the best metal instrumentals ever!
  • Avatar for D2Synua
    Probably the worst song on the whole album.
  • Avatar for Ezekiel22
  • Avatar for maruapo
    I hate it when Meshuggah does that stupid techno-robot voice in their songs, and I hate it here too. Other than that the song is fine, but hardly unique or even all that impressive.
  • Avatar for nospr
    Stolen from Meshuggah's Mind's Mirrors
  • Avatar for Froren
    Probably the best song by this band. Great composition!
  • Avatar for DiegoGarage
  • Avatar for sentinel213
    does anyone else think the last 2 minutes of this are influenced by Mastodon - Hearts Alive?
  • Avatar for DerekKM
  • Avatar for cats_ist_krieg
    Lol, Cynic.
  • Avatar for MopHeadMovs2
    Beggining vocals sound like Meshuggah's Mind's Mirrors
  • Avatar for silentbodom91
    on the Planetary Depravity tour they opened with this before going into PD...this really is a great song
  • Avatar for bytorthesnowdog
    i like
  • Avatar for MondayHopscotch
    One of my favorite metal albums of all time. Too bad (at least when I saw them) their live performance is a bit lacking as far as presentation is concerned.
  • Avatar for evildeadjedi
    Awesome song!
  • Avatar for Graysonisdeath
    This track really impresses me, and I didn't expect anything like it off an album like this. It's good, I think, because it's one that can be universally liked, by metalheads and non-metalheads alike. <3
  • Avatar for Sebtab19901
    To live in true freedom is to release all inhibitions The fears of mortality must be forgotten; no longer living for death, no longer dying to live Existence and nonexistence coagulating Safety found through ignorance; shackling human individuality
  • Avatar for KeenanJohnston
    Opening with the vocoder reminded me of Cynic's Veil of Maya, another great technical band. Quite a nice instrumental, this one.
  • Avatar for shroomer1999
    Robot voice!!!! ohh yeah
  • Avatar for scissoredrealm
    the riff @ 3:30! epic
  • Avatar for Sebtab19901
    This Songis Fucking Awesome, just Genius!...
  • Avatar for Metal4ever88
    "This album was pure genius. every song was unique and complex and heavy as hell. The newer album is utter crap. They lost every original bone they had. Seriously. Gimmicky =/= Original. I was super disappointed. At least I can still listen to the first album. >.>" Just no. I really enjoy this album, but in my opinion, Planetary Duality surpasses it. I like the more technical death metal approach.
  • Avatar for viradium
    really wtf is this....this is as about as far from death metal as you can get. Like the earlier poster said this is Rush like metal
  • Avatar for Schmitty270
    When I hear this I cant help but think of metal-ish-Rush.
  • Avatar for MitchellDrums
    Technical and Prog metal is amazing.
  • Avatar for hsmith12
    This album was pure genius. every song was unique and complex and heavy as hell. The newer album is utter crap. They lost every original bone they had. Seriously. Gimmicky =/= Original. I was super disappointed. At least I can still listen to the first album. >.>
  • Avatar for llamalom
    Fuck I wish they'd release an album of songs like this.
  • Avatar for x3hArdCoRe
    SICK band. :)
  • Avatar for PoisonOath
    this is talent put to good use, especially off their latest album. i dont see why you think this is crap? just not your genre maybe? just because you dont like it doesn't mean its shit for eveyone, please keep your negative insulting comments to yourself dude, thanks
    i dont know what u guys hear in this but this is crap i can hear the talent but fuck put it to good use!
  • Avatar for lakku-
    v Sorry but Planetary Duality isn't deathcore. It's just tech death, this album has more deathcore influences.
  • Avatar for littleangryfinn
    Best song from the best album ever. I was hoping Planetary Duality would be similar to this coherent jazzy album instead of more mainstream deathcore, but it's all good anyway.
  • Avatar for darkangel86gal
    So fucking good!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Lemminkainenf
    Great song.
  • Avatar for AzaraelSwwtSuic
    Michael Murray<3
  • Avatar for mcmarkwitfries
    I agree with sentinel213! and quite a few other people on here.
  • Avatar for sandyzillaaa
    AHHH i love them so much :) <3
  • Avatar for EternalDeath94
    the faceless are so talented
  • Avatar for sentinel213
    right around 3:30, reminds me of Mastodon.
  • Avatar for KevinCornwall42
    i love technical metal such as this, breaks of the mundane reality that is hardcore music this day and age.
  • Avatar for Corden
    Brutal yet tuneful!
  • Avatar for themegagod
    wow, i think i'm tripping... and i am completely sober... woah
  • Avatar for agorapocalypse
    best instrumental song ever.
  • Avatar for MrSt33le
    reminds me of Dream Theater. awesome!
  • Avatar for roadkillfacepnt
    One of the best instrumental songs.
  • Avatar for The_Owl_King
    Very talented
  • Avatar for JackT928
    Beginning reminds me of Meshuggah.
  • Avatar for cascaderider
    Foolishness, LOL. Whatever. These guys dominate.
  • Avatar for DaNiVillainous
    this is ok if u can tolerate some of the foolishness in it...
  • Avatar for SCREAMO25


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