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Autotheism is the third studio album by American band The Faceless. It was released on August 14, 2012 through Sumerian Records. The album debuted at No. 50 on the Billboard 200, No. 3 on the Top Hard Rock Albums, No. 13 on the Top Independent albums, No. 18 on Top Rock albums, and hit No. 1 on the CMJ radio loud rock chart.

Evan Brewer debuted the use of fretless bass in The Faceless on two tracks… read more



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  • Avatar for Apatheosis
    I can't express properly how much I dislike this record. Derivative, obnoxious, pretentious, egotistical, poorly composed and aggressively pseudo-intellectual. Michael Keene's ego got in the way of this record and it suffers for it. I feel sorry for the (fantastic) hired gun musicians who had to be involved in this trainwreck. All that talent under-utilised to put the spotlight on Keene.
  • Avatar for Pneumonious
    I don't think metal can be done better than this.
  • Avatar for jonballam
    This album is flawless in my opinion. It plays with the elegance of a concerto and the brutality that reminds you it's still pure progressive death metal. The drum solos are intense and appealing, and somehow the light and dark portions of this albums are perfectly balanced. The first minute you think your ears are gonna bleed from brutality, and then the next your ears are softened by something very melodic. I got given a whole lot of death metal by a friend, and this album happened to be in there. I listened to it just by accident and I was blown away. This album has the perfect balance between prog DM and tech DM. When I start listening to their other albums, I'm sure they won't feel the same.
  • Avatar for mason1729
    Pretty good, despite the change in sound.
  • Avatar for ColdSlaughter
    man! this album is awesome!
  • Avatar for dissolvedplasma
    I definitely think it's their best album, I don't even listen to their other albums anymore because they're so boring.
  • Avatar for elitist_jerk
    i hate everything
  • Avatar for ABHORRANCE666
    This album was definitely a grower for me, especially with the clean vocals, and I think now its their best effort. First of all, the recording production has one of the best drum sounds ever. The solos are amazingly soulful, which is rare in death metal (all tech and no soul). Great lyrical theme (much more interesting than aliens). I don't see this album being unoriginal. Sure it crosses over many metal sub-genres, but it is very well done. What's become un-original are the hoards of bands just sweeping endlessly over blast beats.
  • Avatar for lauta91
    Nietzsche would be proud of this.
  • Avatar for Spasm-
    Easily their least 'original' release, but a fun listen nonetheless.

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