• Gang Related v1 20060306

    6 Mar 2006, 19:08 by talking_animal

    A new playlist, put together somewhat at random, somewhat planned. Tanya Tucker winding up, however, is deliberate!:

    2.Let Me Go. I just told someone that "Sticky Fingers" and "Exile" were the Stones discs to start with, but I have a soft sticky spot for Emotional Rescue. I think listening to it in high school had a lot to do with the way my thinking has developed.
    3.Close to Me
    4.Salvavidas. I found this in Mexico City, in the mall, and bought it because I liked the red-and-white cover art. Never looked back!
    5.One Day Late. I had the opportunity to go record shopping with Julia Brown one day a while back, and she turned me on to this record, another keeper. Thanks, Julia!
    6.Mango (remix)
    7.Harajuku Girls. Bubblegum pop, but so different from Natalia Lafourcade? You tell me.
    8.Dance (Pt. 1)
    9.Nice With It. I love these girls and their flow. I wish their previous record "Dying in Stereo," was mastered better; it sounds like mush compared to this one, "All City."