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  • Avatar for Renkone12345
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    stone-cold original
  • Avatar for ifnedmerrillwas
    Can't believe it's taken nearly 4 years to get round to scrobbling The Lover. Legendary producer in his own right and on top is technically phenomenal on the wheels, beat juggles just about everything and executes live 808 and mc'ing. Heavy skills.
  • Avatar for shakedatthang
    Why the hell are most profiles I clicked on related to this page also fan of Thinking Fellers Union Local 282?
  • Avatar for shakedatthang
    That there jheri curl
  • Avatar for Doppz
    he sounds a little bit like Snakefingers
  • Avatar for LAHardwave
    infectious lo-fi beatz from l.A!!!
  • Avatar for TheHeretik
    some of the best 80s electro
  • Avatar for weastcoast
    bOoM bOoM
  • Avatar for mackcee
    boom boom
  • Avatar for Skorek_
  • Avatar for VGoRiLLaZ
    WOOF BB.
  • Avatar for airlock24
    damn, i would have expected him to have at least 1000000 plays
  • Avatar for methadonekitty
    Lyrical genius.
  • Avatar for galactus15
  • Avatar for galactus15
    i bet the Egyptian Lover slept with roxanne
  • Avatar for Fabien7501
    so powerful !
  • Avatar for SunMan24
    олд скул!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Montesol
    underrated old school.
  • Avatar for superpinkplant
    someone should send the protesters a copy of on the nile so they can have a "we ousted mubarak dance party"
  • Avatar for FCA19795
    Still touring? Crazy. I still like to spin his joints once in awhile. classics. good to see he is still having relatively good success.
  • Avatar for bklatinoblanco
    because it says The Egyptian Lover on his album covers
  • Avatar for Robenna10
    Why is it "The" Egyptian Lover? His myspace and pretty much everything else lists him as Egyptian Lover.....
  • Avatar for zioncmnd
  • Avatar for Knixue
    Ultimate badass.
  • Avatar for EazyDuzit
    nice mobil phone
  • Avatar for mothefro
    I haven't forgotten about him, the Egyptian Lover is awesome!!
  • Avatar for lascivit
    every day and every night
  • Avatar for dikiz
    Has (almost) everyone forgot this guy?
  • Avatar for RUPERT
    on the dark side of egypt we get down!
  • Avatar for BackwardsBoy
    Im the baddest DJ on planet earth
  • Avatar for shadowattack
    8 0 motherfukin 8 hahaha yeaa saw him at block weekender was awesome
  • Avatar for iuytreza
    top class
  • Avatar for cunoLein
    Roland the 808
  • Avatar for Sciortino
    8 0 Motherfucking 8!
  • Avatar for renton1
    Great show at bloc!
  • Avatar for ndstwtrst
    dope show in munich!
  • Avatar for retardedcore
  • Avatar for silverbonetone
    keep the 808 alive
  • Avatar for Lis880
    I cry makes you want to sob and dance at the same time
  • Avatar for crisisx
    You are the car, and I will drive.
  • Avatar for unlikeworld
  • Avatar for dnlxl
    egypt is the place to be :)
  • Avatar for Pistolita
    Freak-a-Holic fucking owns
  • Avatar for SixShooterSam
    platinum pyramids is one of the worst albums ever haha.
  • Avatar for tasuczi
  • Avatar for laquesha
    HAHAHA fuck yes
  • Avatar for Secret_Omen
    'the alezby inn' is the jam and deadly hilarious. every single and straight man likes lesbians, especially the lipstick one's. ignore the butch one's!=))
  • Avatar for chris-thrash
    I fuckin love EL
  • Avatar for q3a
    Keep It Hot - it's my type.


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