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There are 2 known groups called The Drugs: 1 Australian band - active 1992-present 2 Scottish (UK) group - active from late 1970s. 2012 album release The Sound of Electricity. > Hear and buy The Sound of Electricity 1. Australian Band - The Drugs Before The Drugs formed in 1992, Ian Baddley (Founder/Front-man), had a the resume of a any performers dreams. His list included: Level 42 The Foo Fighters The Church Bread Einstürzende Neubauten This however, was entirely in accurate, and mostly due to a hard-of-hearing journalist and Baddley's negligence in correcting the rather fraudulent claims during an erly interview. Nearer the truth, He lived on Level 42 in the Blacktown housing projects, was the leader of a primary school gang called The Food Fighters (Even though he was 27 at this point) Regularly attended Church, but only for the free Bread. His claim to involvement with Einstürzende Neubauten, if it could be deemed involvement, was perhaps nearest to fact. All through early 90's the Australian Einstürzende Neubauten tour. Ian was the dull sounding instrument that they struck each night to produce the thud sound in their hit "Passen das Deutschland from das lift hande side" (Perhaps this helps explain Baddley's lumpy appearance?) In any case, shortly after the tour he met David Live. David was a keen sports enthusiast with a penchant for amputees. He's running joke was "Cricket or Shaggin', either way I like the stumps" It seemed to a be a match made in heaven and shortly after the 2 began looking for members. Auditions were many and brief, and usually included an inexplicable cavity search. Most of the applicants were tested on technical skill and fall-breaking comfort. The new and final line-up was completed in 92 with Harry Snow (Drums), Benjamin A Drill (Guitar) and finally Mark Trax (Guitar) who they insist change his name to Mark Tracks for spelling convenience. It is among some of their greatest achievements, though not often credited. That this line up spent the next 6 years touring as the Australian Jet Tribute Show. This was no easy feet, since Jet didn't exist until years later. The rigors of the road took their toll and line-ups were to change often with the in again out again inclusion of Tyler Noll (guitar). Finally, due mostly to overwhelming Aus Music Industry support, and Ian's constant battle with the question why don't Milk Bottle lollies taste like broken glass? The Drugs disbanded in 2004....but then to reunite in early 2008 for a national tour. Also appearing on the horizon is a documentary about the band's history and new music made for the soundtrack for said documentary. ==== 2. Scottish group - The Drugs Formed around 1974/5 and played under various names - The Peatbog Dance Band, Revolver, The Bland - they became the first punk band in the Western Isles and then the first synthesiser band in the Western Isles, and then... The Drugs. The Drugs' sound has evolved and transcended itself over 3 decades. The Drugs think they sound like a cross between Howling Wolf and Kraftwerk with a dash of Beefheart and a hail of Stones... but that's just one way of listening to it... The original classic line up was Neil Finlayson (guitar, vox), Malcolm Burns (guitar) Colin Macarthur (bass, vox), Hugh McInnes (drums). As of summer 2011 The Drugs have been recording an album The Sound of Electricity. The line-up is currently: Neil Finlayson (guitar, vox), Malcolm Burns (guitar, vox), Hugh McInnes (harmonica, percussion, multimedia), Peter Hunter (bass), Danny Thompson (piano, organ, keys), Aidan Rivett / Gordon Greenhowe (drums) More at: .