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  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów The Draft
  • Avatar for Hardbizqiut
    one words - LOVE
  • Avatar for xrottenxapplex
    Melodic and melancholic punk rock band straight outta the Russian city where the neutron bomb exploded. FFO: Husker Du, HWM, Leatherface, Down By Law, early Green Day, Dag Nasty, Bouncing Souls.
  • Avatar for Xakron
    awesome band
  • Avatar for thepostoffice
    for fans of hot water music, samiam, knapsack, make do and mend
  • Avatar for awesomefossum
    Lo Zee Rose was a slang word for marijuana back in the day.
  • Avatar for rick-roll
    Lo Zee Rose is a woman.
  • Avatar for Fpanhoca
    "HEYY what does lo zee rose mean?" I always ask it myself too, does anybody knows?
  • Avatar for ms_darkside
  • Avatar for Punkrocker89
    The Draft sounds very nice! I really'd like to get to know them better! Anyone knows where I can download their discography?
  • Avatar for AR-DZEJ
    HEYY what does lo zee rose mean?
  • Avatar for Fpanhoca
    "HWM shoukld never reunite, The Draft is so much better" Almost agree, I think both are perfect in some way.
  • Avatar for Angeleyes_619
    No there are two bands named The Draft.
  • Avatar for Graybones
    @adamcooleyisdea I think you might be talking about "Wired"
  • Avatar for adamcooleyisdea
    I remember hearing this band a few years ago, specifically this song by them that sounded kinda like no one knows by queens of the stone age, anyone know what song I'm talking about?
  • Avatar for rick-roll
    HWM shoukld never reunite, The Draft is so much better
  • Avatar for Claymorecore
    and thats what i like about it, its not so complicated if you go right trough !
  • Avatar for herrandrus
    if you like the draft, please check this band: and download their first ep for FREE:
  • Avatar for ws357
    fucking awesome band
  • Avatar for kylelikescoffee
    pitchin' a tent
  • Avatar for trueGstatus
    in a million pieces is one of the best albums i have ever heard....i'm just sayin
  • Avatar for thecuriosity
    :) really enjoying the tracks.
  • Avatar for Helber_Costa
    yeah! The Draft is great band.
  • Avatar for s314ryt
    Great band!
  • Avatar for bertality
  • Avatar for unicornographer
    Fuck this band for being so awesome.
  • Avatar for TokenSunrise
    +1 Lo Zee Rose
  • Avatar for devinsetsfire
    He isnt in the band szm1tu
  • Avatar for justanothertoy
    Hey guys, check out my German Punkrock Band CLAP YOUR HANDS TWICE, maybe you like it! Thank you!
  • Avatar for nonviolent
    Who cares, Hot Water Music is back together and who cares abou that? Probably they'll make a shitty album any ways.
  • Avatar for breathingvictim
    what do you need? or want?
  • Avatar for misfitofska
    can i get a download link plz??
  • Avatar for pandaredski2
    no tak ciagle tylko te stare kawalki trza by cos swiezszego.
  • Avatar for pm137
    It's gone quiet here...still loving In A Million Pieces though!
  • Avatar for realbueno
    something new?!
  • Avatar for ghoststories
    I miss these guys. I hope HWM being sort of back together doesn't mean they're overwith.
  • Avatar for waynedelmar
    hey, if you get chance...please check out my band...KINGS OF THE DELMAR... judging by your music tastes i think you`l like us.
  • Avatar for kaibosworth
    anyone have a download of the new 7?
  • Avatar for Mc_Nally
  • Avatar for louisaaa
    saw the draft last night in cardiff, outstanding!
  • Avatar for cummings
    Saw 'em last night in Exter. Proper amazing.
  • Avatar for Schattentheater
    Woah, they were great on Fallig Open Air!
  • Avatar for punkrawksean
    also Los Feliz/Feast or Famine/In A Million Pieces > The New What Next....This makes me smile. Phoneix from the flames blah blah other pretencious quotes
  • Avatar for Aioth
    Kaibosworth, I doubted you, but you were so right.
  • Avatar for FeableWeiner
    Glad you guys are still carrying the torch. HWM was too FN good to split entirely.
  • Avatar for lintsay
    goddamnit i love this band so hard.
  • Avatar for kaibosworth
    much better than against me, i'll tell you that much.
  • Avatar for Aioth
    Are these guys any good? They're touring with Against Me! and I want to check some of their work out before I see them live.
  • Avatar for kneelconqueso
    new ep is rad.
  • Avatar for indy02


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