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  • Avatar for sunsign902
    Yet another snub by the hall of shame....
  • Avatar for YuriLugo
    Traveling and listening :D
  • Avatar for jessyrocker
    Cool Music
  • Avatar for StratkatBlue
    So many great songs!
  • Avatar for jrs1991
    Great Band
  • Avatar for Amrabart
    good shit
  • Avatar for hermanator05
    they ain't related, but they do be brothers.
  • Avatar for marjo47
    Good music.
  • Avatar for JohnnyMath
    California such a beautiful place
  • Avatar for Zzmilezz
    The Doobie Brother's, love their songs.
  • Avatar for Bizmuto
    Brasil \o/
  • Avatar for jazzthieve
    Spotify Playlist: [url=]Classic Rock[/url]
  • Avatar for tonystuff
    What a Fool Believes
  • Avatar for jasminder82
    Hey, do you guys like the Doobie Brothers? Because we've got one of 'em!
  • Avatar for luckystoned
    Long Train Runnin' :)
  • Avatar for Nyasa_Lake
    why is not Clear as the driven snow on top tracks???
  • Avatar for njokmo413
    It's sometime since last time having proper listen. [2] so underrated :(
  • Avatar for Mii85
    It's sometime since last time having proper listen. :( Shame on me.
  • Avatar for hi60
    R.I.P. Michael Hossack...
  • Avatar for Big_Baby_Jesus
    RIP Michael Hossack....
  • Avatar for KeithJones
    RIP Michael Hossack, "dual drummer" (alongside John Hartman) with the Doobies from 1971-74 and again from 1987-2010
  • Avatar for yhago
    Good Band!
  • Avatar for CDPETE01
    good listenin.
  • Avatar for faustandkluster Please join.
  • Avatar for m-saIami
    Gorgeous city too ;)
  • Avatar for Nanske1988
    Y'all really need to listen to Toulouse Street!! Gorgeous song :) Wish I could play it on guitar...
  • Avatar for gendervariant
    I'll be honest, if the first episode of "What's happening?" never existed, I would not have known who they were.
  • Avatar for NarghaashTC
    Conheçam meu blog:
  • Avatar for penaleu
    listen to he music 1972
  • Avatar for Garet2k
    i liek.
  • Avatar for DeathAkerfeldt
    I'm not really into the older bands, but this band is amazing
  • Avatar for m-saIami
    I read Papa Roach and Nickelback... *laugh*
  • Avatar for Wizz21
    Forgive him, the little boy is 15....
  • Avatar for SoulJazzsterInc
    @Quavii: so Doobie Brothers is shit and Nickelback is great if I understand your standards, based on your library. Well, there are as many tastes so everyone is entitled to its opinion, I won't argue with that
  • Avatar for Quavii
  • Avatar for sanarx
  • Avatar for sunsign902
    I just finished watching "Live At Wolf Trap" from start to finish. Live or in the studio, they are so good! If these guys don't deserve to be in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame then nobody does!!
  • Avatar for Jamesismynamo
    Check out [url=]this group[/url] please?
  • Avatar for vserafini28
    The new album is a good one...the remake of "Nobody" is legit
  • Avatar for Macsnet
    I cordially greet the dear listeners of this wonderful music ...
  • Avatar for davidgeorgea
  • Avatar for Panecea
    Luv 'em
  • Avatar for pridoesbrasil
    Will someone tell me WHY we've gone off and called justin bieber music and brushed this masterpiece of a sound off? THIS is what music is all about!
  • Avatar for The_Barbarian
    I don't know about anyone else, but I am loving World Gone Crazy
  • Avatar for Smits61
    Christ, I think I just saved every song on this page. It does seem crazy that there's only a few hundred saves on a bunch of these great songs. Wonder why that is? These guys were great.
  • Avatar for BWoolmore
    hard to believe that these guys are all but forgotten now - there's no accounting for tastes, i guess
  • Avatar for joshmattg
    its a shame we don't have musicians like this anymore, it's a real shame
  • Avatar for sunsign902
    When are these guys going to get into the R&R Hall Of Fame???
  • Avatar for Fajterica
    They make me wish I was older and wiser, and to have someone who's still the one *.*
  • Avatar for gapeaches
    South City Midnight Lady is much obliged indeed!


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