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  • Avatar for Ipsascientia
    i think i'll buy a dog when i get paid
  • Avatar for Emilyfasone
    So great
  • Avatar for locustqueen87
    i like the song, but find the lyrics to just be plain funny
  • Avatar for theSAVEDbrother
    Well done.
  • Avatar for Vivalavirgen
    Makes me sad :(
  • Avatar for shadibear
    "Went to the park today..."
  • Avatar for softwarebrains
    I love the Dodos.
  • Avatar for karlkandinsky
  • Avatar for PseudoCrescendo Write your thoughts on a piece of paper and sing about it. :) fantastic and refreshing I think.
  • Avatar for fatwang
    train or thought lyrics work in this rare case.
  • Avatar for danceswithdead
    Shut up Eurydicens.
  • Avatar for addictron
    mhmm... nice.
  • Avatar for thirdprofile
    still sounds great
  • Avatar for bottlecap77
  • Avatar for shrimpysanchez
  • Avatar for aminals
    i recognize this: went to the bar they say is the most, went by myself, but no one noticed, wonder if I looked like a tourist, all that I could thing was 'please don't blow this'
  • Avatar for amdNutter
    the dodos are so amazing. they make me feel like even tho i dont see much point to life, at least i am alive to hear music as good as this.
  • Avatar for Ruthdee
  • Avatar for unlovely
  • Avatar for johnsonadam1
    ahhh, the 'day in the life of a white person' song
  • Avatar for Eurydicens
    this is kind of shit
  • Avatar for razzmatazzle
    the fact that he says retarded makes me love this song so much more <333
  • Avatar for justchio
  • Avatar for jareddddddddddd
    I love it
  • Avatar for GRWittig
    If this is art and you're not the artist how do you know what he meant by retarded... the litteral meaning or retard is to slow down.
  • Avatar for spinnakerboy
  • Avatar for Craigsly
    These guys have a nice sound.
  • Avatar for bkelleher
    I love that he says retarded!
  • Avatar for hanasinpajamas
    i really love this song but i hate that he says retarded. word choice!
  • Avatar for Con-dog
    fave of album
  • Avatar for vil79
    nateddog29, my thoughts exactly. This is indeed very Andrew Bird.
  • Avatar for nateddog29
    if you dig on this, check out "Skin is, My" by andrew bird. not quite the same feel, but one of the of the major reasons i love this is because of the harmonics he pulls out of the acoustic mid rhythm.
  • Avatar for jamierobertward
    Simple but so goddamn brilliant.
  • Avatar for jaNNa13
    but nevertheless great song of the dodos :)
  • Avatar for jaNNa13
    reminds me of this from deus's+See+Who+Goes+Down+First
  • Avatar for nateddog29
    musical masterpiece.
  • Avatar for dupontflames
  • Avatar for TheHumanLobster
    This was a highlight when I saw them live in Boise last week. Meric cracked up after the "I think she must think I'm retarded" line and missed the next two bars as a result. Great stuff.
  • Avatar for baisley
    One of this years favourite songs. (of mine?)
  • Avatar for MaximPlusnin
    me too :)
  • Avatar for raysravens52
    How has nobody commented on this? I love this song!!

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