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  • Avatar for Beast-Robot
    Nice with headphones, so is this one,
  • Avatar for slaapkamermug
    I do not like coldplay, but they do not deserve a coverband like this.
  • Avatar for slaapkamermug
    3 words "COLDPLAY - SPARKS "----->>> PLAGIARISM
  • Avatar for kidaok2012
    i have heard some shitty dodos songs, but this one is good... good job fellas. sorry about not loving everything, i know how sensitive you are.
  • Avatar for arkadias1
    great song. the climax is intense.
  • Avatar for therhapsody
    Bluesy laid-back Animal Collective... I love it! (P.S. Is the title a Daniel Johnston reference?)
  • Avatar for surfbum76
    like the last 3 min
  • Avatar for thejoe2
    my favorite drummer
  • Avatar for kittenbutt
    this is just great.
  • Avatar for bobpepper
    AHHHHHHHHHHHH! YES! Dodos... of course!
  • Avatar for Nandrinlouis
    @travisishigh - i agree
  • Avatar for zaynzaynzayn
    hey! hey man. hey! jack me up.
  • Avatar for sjcalvetti
    beginning of the song made me think it was green eyes by coldplay or daughters by john mayer. my mistake
  • Avatar for jeckeljoan
    love the dodos!
  • Avatar for NathalieH
  • Avatar for onefeistygirl
    oh the dissonance in those cords distrubs me & pulls me in to tightly.....
  • Avatar for leehee
    definitely, brilliant album..
  • Avatar for bearass
    best album of the decade
  • Avatar for thedemondemos
  • Avatar for TheHeadroom
    I love it. Anybody here to help me too?
  • Avatar for patbemelmans
    great finale!
  • Avatar for katjig70
    Is this their only cd? I only ever hear tracks off of the album. . .
  • Avatar for telephonedance
  • Avatar for jack_eh
    loooveee them. :]]
  • Avatar for aulacrimosa
    loveolovelolove 'em
  • Avatar for guitar_freak92
    Whole song Rules. Appreciate.
  • Avatar for BleachandGum
    for sure! second part is better!
  • Avatar for Leif-Erik
    favorite! such a good song
  • Avatar for ssidbroadcast
    Ehh. Not feelin this one.
  • Avatar for sexualrobotics
    Maybe in your country, here we have bad beer commercials with frogs and horses to compliment our bad beers.
  • Avatar for StefanieReed
    beer commercial :)
  • Avatar for drmn
    you neeeeed HELP
  • Avatar for silverpsycho13
    that was intense.
  • Avatar for jamierobertward
    Reminds *me* of Elliot Smith.
  • Avatar for Timaaaahhhh
    This song... The second half especially reminds me of sister ray by the velvet underground.
  • Avatar for AmpersandCM
    You need help! You need help! And I totally agree with you, indy133. Th second half is the best part.
  • Avatar for jonasdo
    Animal Collective?
  • Avatar for jogloran
    Lyrics make me think of Scientology...
  • Avatar for cheesesandwich
    holy poo this is so goooood
  • Avatar for LogsieBoges
    If you havnt seen this live YOU NEED HELP. ...and yeah Im a d-bag.
  • Avatar for imsureso
    so epic
  • Avatar for molingrad
    insane song
  • Avatar for khoff
    I dare any song released in the future to steal this song's title of THE MOST BADASS SONG OF 2008.
  • Avatar for TheHumanLobster
    Definitely feeling some Akron/Family love here.
  • Avatar for JacobDubya
    Nuts to you, Dodos. You need help.
  • Avatar for jmoore4604
    The second half of this song live made me pee. Everywhere.
  • Avatar for GregSNJ
    Gives me chills!
  • Avatar for willers
  • Avatar for khoff
    fucking epic that's for sure.
  • Avatar for txmkabat27
    haha yeah no doubt


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