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  • Avatar for 1000julys
    New album? Interesting.
  • Avatar for XDRory
    The news of a new Divine Comedy album brightens up this gloomy year
  • Avatar for Chrilu
    Their The Smiths cover is just brilliant...
  • Avatar for PopKaa
    i want a collaboration with 3 & 4 era scott walker
  • Avatar for richpr
  • Avatar for dBernardoFF
    Allegedly a new album is in the make. #‎thereturnofthedivinecomedy‬ Really exciting news!
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    Unfairly ignored my myself. I should be whipped.
  • Avatar for kaitlinandstuff
    the bio before the read more doesn't provide a promising outlook
  • Avatar for harreh
    Got listening to Casanova twice yesterday and after midway through the second time I released that: 1) Neil sings in a completely different fashion now days as to how does on Cassanova. Ignoring compositional aspects and focusing on tone - sounds almost like a different singer. A lot of the lines are often spoken, there's a lot more attention to pronunciation and the dynamic range is much wider. I'm glad he's still making music but the vocal style is so insanely different. 2) The epic middle in Charge he sings ridiculously low bass part (hey babe. I love when you talk sex to me) - AND the ridiculous high falsetto backing. I always thought it was random background singer - but its definilty him. Must be at least 4 octaves there. Incredible.
  • Avatar for StokesAA
    Reminds me of The Kinks :)
  • Avatar for XDRory
    Neil, come on now. 5 years. We're thirsting for more.
  • Avatar for lolodicombello
    Après 10 ans, j'ai toujours autant de plaisir à écouter Absent Friends...Neil Hannon est vraiment un songwriter exceptionnel.
  • Avatar for DantonRamone
    minha mais nova paixão musical <3333333
  • Avatar for ThunderAndStorm
    I love this guy.
  • Avatar for climbing--down
    Neil is one of the best songwriters ever
  • Avatar for brunogramacho
    Good lyrics, but not so good music. I like it, tough.
  • Avatar for georgeisbulb
    fave band evz
  • Avatar for creamsicklesky
    At the Indie Disco & Thrillseeker <3
  • Avatar for Discordiosus
    Neil, we need new album NOW!!!
  • Avatar for innerspeaker
    V Might matter to Neil's bank balance though.
  • Avatar for middlepunch
    @XDRory even if Neil only had one listener and that was you, as long as you like the music and it means something to you then it doesn't matter how many other people listen to him.
  • Avatar for CountElvis
    Any word on a new album?
  • Avatar for XDRory
    The small number of listeners is saddening.
  • Avatar for HaHaHaYoureDead
    одна из лучших групп 90-х, в первой тройке у меня точно
  • Avatar for iagomelo2
    Muito bom, caramba! WHAT A DISCOVERY!
  • Avatar for IsaaBrisa
  • Avatar for bobgreen623
    King of tongue-in-cheek ironic song-characters
  • Avatar for Father_Of_Raul
    Would love to hear a new TDC album this year! [5]
  • Avatar for KuriousBanana
    Mozzerella10 - Are you really as thick as you appear or are you trolling?
  • Avatar for joyeuxNoel_11
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    Neil Walker
  • Avatar for aasdfasf close enough i suppose
  • Avatar for endote
    Would love to hear a new TDC album this year! [4]
  • Avatar for fredricdafly
    His picture and Scott Walker's are hilariously similar right now.
  • Avatar for SilentPoet82
    The [group]Irish Rock League[/group] is waiting for your votes to decide the next winners!
  • Avatar for Shaaaaaark
    to be honest, it's awful
  • Avatar for Osilu
    Tonight seeing Barbra Streisand at the Oscars singing The Way We Were, make me realize how much I would like to see Neil's rendition of the song and of course: Would love to hear a new TDC album this year! [4]
  • Avatar for enid_coleslaw_
    Mozzarella10, it must be awful to live in this world unable to grasp the concept of irony <---- Even though the song isn't serious and the narrator is supposed to be an asshole, there are still people who actually think like him. It wasn't written in a vacuum.
  • Avatar for lfsc25
    Would love to hear a new TDC album this year! [3]
  • Avatar for IdemPerIdem
    Would love to hear a new TDC album this year! [2]
  • Avatar for XDRory
    Would love to hear a new TDC album this year!
  • Avatar for IdemPerIdem
    I`m so glad i stumbled upon this awesome band:D This is what i call really good music!
  • Avatar for lfsc25
    Neil has the best lyrics
  • Avatar for waitressboy
    @Mozzerella10 You never realized that "Casanova" is pure irony, right?
  • Avatar for snap2244
    Saw him with Rodrigo Leao and didn't know about this band, now I'm a fan :D
  • Avatar for liver_failure
    damn casanova
  • Avatar for theresawayout
    "lyrics like this is basically euphemising, trivialising, even glamourising rape." LOL WUT??
  • Avatar for Osilu
    Hope to see him at least once; witty at it's maximum.
  • Avatar for Mozzerella10
    okay, after several listens to the "casanova" album, and listening to the lyrics for once, i was disappointed. i hate sexism, and i find lots in it. i suppose i should have guessed, by the title. "oh, come on, everybody knows that no means yes" and "i suggested, she protested, i persisted till she said well okay, and I said wahey" and a song about writing "songs of love" for guys who see schoolgirls as "prey" surprised me. although you might say it's just songs, but lyrics like this is basically euphemising, trivialising, even glamourising rape. maybe neil should learn some good consent, after all, this is a patriarchal society where good consent doesn't even cross some guys' minds.
  • Avatar for Ite_Missa_Est
    saw him last week in Gijon! mesmerizing!


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